Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Where in the World is...?

I have a task for all who see this post. Can you add your marker to a world map?

The latest TELive in particular THIS Spreecast has inspired me to make the following map. I'm not sure if this will be a success or not but its free branding for those who want it. I am always curious where people are in the world and it is great for catching up with the online community to see how close or how far away we live from each other. Also for those planning vacations ;)

First go to THIS SITE. I have added my location to show you where in the world Australia is. There are instructions at the top of the page.

This page will be pinned to the top menu bar of this blog.

Big thanks

Kris Rogers

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Is Spam Effective Advertising?

If you own a computer and have an internet connection it is likely that you have been spammed! 

Wikipedia.org states:
the term spam is derived from the 1970 Spam sketch of the BBC television comedy series Monty Python's Flying Circus. The sketch is set in a cafe where nearly every item on the menu includes Spam canned luncheon meat. As the waiter recites the Spam-filled menu, a chorus of Viking patrons drowns out all conversations with a song repeating "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam... lovely Spam! wonderful Spam!", hence "Spamming" the dialogue.
The Free Dictionary.com explains spam as:
unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail.
In other words, any email or message that you receive that you didn't opt-in to or ask for! In the offline world this would be like commercials being shown during your favourite television show, or "junk mail" in the letter box!  Some examples are, unwanted comments posted to a blog, forum or profile (for example, Facebook) which are not in context to the topic. The most common form of spam is unwanted email advertising, sometimes called "junk email". Some spam is also less obvious and tries to mimic other well known sites and this is called phishing. The object of phishing is to try to get personal information which can lead to fraud. There are also emails claiming to be from you. This is effective at getting your attention!

Spam is an annoyance in our work places and leads to wasted time. It is with mixed blessings that as "spammers" get more clever so do the email filters for email providers. However, this can lead to "false positives" and some providers are too harsh and you don't end up receiving or can't open legitimate emails. 

Commercial email operations are very cheap and cost-effective to the sender. Also, people actually must click on these junk emails for there to be any benefit for the sender. These emails are generally not personalised, sent in bulk and from people you don't know. So why do people click on these? Maybe they have won a lotto, need prescription medication, have an inheritance, want to spend money at an online casino, or someone wants to provide some kinky photos for all to see (wink). Yes, unfortunately people do buy products from these emails and the cycle continues. People new to computers and email sometimes can be naive to these tricks of advertising.

What do you/ should you do? For a start get a good anti-virus as some of these emails can contain unwanted programs that wreak havoc with your computer! Organise your email account so only your wanted emails go into your inbox. All the rest will be put in the "junk" folder. It is still a good idea to browse  your "junk" folder periodically as any new email address will be filtered here until you tell it otherwise. Finally, to answer the question YES spam is effective if people respond to the emails. IGNORE ALL SPAM! It is your clicks they are after. This means their advertising campaigns are successful. Your clicks and even the opening of an email CAN be tracked! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Learn to Build a List

Recently I have noticed a lot of focus about list building. Well why not? It is an essential part of marketing, even an offline business has an email or mailing list. Maybe because recently joining a list was a way to earn a ClickTrackProfit Bigfoot badge. I bought a badge which looked like this:

My efforts for list building from the Bigfoot badge hunt : 40 subscribers...plus 3 still needed to verify their account.

What I find hard to understand is that people joined the list in the expectation of receiving something. Any list should have this vital element. Even if this is only information, but in my case I would be providing a badge. However, people still didn't verify.

Why do people have to verify? This process is essential to prove it is a real email address and that the person is real. You want people to read your emails and this is the part when you say please whitelist my emails, check in the spam folders etc. Sometimes it is out of our control as email providers think its spam and block your email altogether. Occasionally someone will join under several emails as for some reason they are not receiving it or did not verify one email.

I recently decided to purge my list. There is no point bragging you have 10K subscribers when half of them have not verified their email.  If subscribers (or future/ potential subscribers) are not receiving my emails why keep them on the list.

Another fact of list building is unsubscribers. This made me think....There would be a high probability of people unsubscribing after this badge hunt as they got what they wanted out of subscribing.  How can I or what can I do to retain people on my list?

So, over the last couple of weeks I have performed a mini experiment on my list of subscribers to this blog. I wanted to engage the list and offer them an exciting offer too good to refuse! If they didn't open their email I sent they missed out. I named the email: Thank you for subscribing...gift inside. Out of 275 only 14 clicked the email and only 8 people took me up on this offer below. I want to live up to my FREEREWARDS4U name.

I wanted to reward my list and thought how do I keep subscribers reading the emails I send. So I simply sent this email:

I'm feeling very generous today. There is nothing I am going to invite you to join. All I ask is your continued support of my Freerewards4u blog and stay subscribed. Please feel free to send me a splash page of your choice and I will promote it and give you 500 views!

Please email me at freerewards4ucontact@gmail.com with your splash page and name/email address you used to sign up with so I can confirm your subscription.

Enjoy this bonus!

Kris Rogers

There was no strings attached just a thank you. Aim: Time will tell me how many unsubscribers there will be. Yes, this was an experiment and I'm also happy I can help some people with their advertising. So to those 261 people you saved me 130, 500 credits! Of course I never imagined any more than a handful of people would take up the offer and I'm not sure I have that many credits to spare. Phew! I am likely to offer other freebies to my list as they are the life blood to what I am trying to achieve...to keep and grow an engaged list.

The whole purpose of a list is promotion. Jon Olson recently said on a TELive that promote to your list and promote on your blog. On a splash page in TEs promote that blog to build your list. I totally agree. This seems to be the best method. Gather your list and promote to that list. This is YOUR list. I want to keep this list growing. Click Track Profit teaches people how to build a list by using an autoresponder and I use Rocketresponder because I get all the stats I need to see what works and what doesn't. It shows who is clicking on your emails and who isn't and much more. These two programs together work brilliantly. Start building your list today and you won't be disappointed. 

Until next time

Kris Rogers

Monday, 18 August 2014

Finding the time: Managing offline versus online time

If time flies away where does it go to?- Kris Rogers

I am not very good at time management. I missed that lecture at University and failed to read the handout they gave but boy I wish I took notice now. I would guess the information would be about prioritizing your tasks, whether they be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, if there is such a thing.

My offline time is usually family oriented as I don't have an offline job. I can't sit down for long periods of time because of back issues. So during an ordinary day I combine work around the house with my surfing. I hardly ever sit/stand still for very long. But when I am up and about I generally carry my Ipad tablet with me. Lately, my son has been playing table tennis most nights of the week so I surf and watch him at the same time. Even if I go to an appointment I can surf. Who wants to read tabloid news in the waiting room magazines anyway?

I have a daily "To Do" list which I set up on Google Calendar to keep me focused. I use Traffic Browser when I know I will be at my computer for an extended period of time. Distractions such as Skype, email, Facebook and Twitter sometimes eat into my time but I then focus on my to do list. When I know I am going well with my time, I write a daily blog post to "The Strays" Click Track Profit team that I belong to.
We are currently recruiting so please apply to join us. Most of my priorities revolve around this team and I'm having so much fun making friends with people from all over the world.

A typical day for me would be from midnight EST (my 1:30pm) start the Daily Challenge until my bedtime with the other sites in my to do list surfed also. I usually start the larger tasks ASAP, with the smaller tasks I surf also. For example Sweeva is a small task I complete and surf 10 sites there a day. I have a small lunch break at 1:30pm and get stuck into the challenge and read emails. I may watch a T.V program while I surf. Then the kids come home from school or I pick them up. While I'm waiting for them in the car I use my phone to surf ;) May be only a few pages but I hate wasting time. When the kids are home I can't surf as much because I talk to my kids about their day or I'm just doing a few household chores. I'm teaching the kids to help out a lot more. I'm constantly switching between the computer and house hold tasks. It's a socially quiet part of the day online. So if I have some online project to do I start this also.

Around dinner time I take more offline breaks than online as its mayhem time, or I'm getting ready to go out, but I am generally checking emails, Skype or Facebook. I also check I'm on track in the Promoters contests I have entered for the week and adjust credits as required. While I'm eating dinner I watch some more T.V online and surf on my tablet. Most of my surfing is done in my evening either while watching table tennis or at home when the kids are off to bed. So I get quiet time in the last few hours of the day before bed about midnight or a bit after if my to do list looks neglected. My online friends are usually online at this time so it can be hectic socially. I usually have my tablet with me in bed and surf til the very end....

I'm not a morning person. I'm a sleep in person who requires about 9 hours sleep to keep away the afternoon headache the following day. I get really tired and cranky by mid afternoon if I don't get sleep. Just ask my family! This can lead to me feeling physically ill by late evening. So depending on my bedtime the night before I'm usually up and about about 9am-11am. My kids are old enough to get themselves ready and walk to school which is close by. I check my emails and continue with the days tasks which is usually finishing the Daily Challenge if I feel I can/will do this. Otherwise, if I know I have shopping or an appointment I cut my losses and stay at Tier 4 to finish what I can and do the Strays blog post hopefully before reset at CTP. If I have spare time I do more household/ offline tasks and open a few vaults at CTP.

Time management is more about organizing your online activities,  its not just about the surfing part, to be more efficient. Just like Traffic Browser is a good way to surf, TECommandPost is good for organisation. You can find all those credits/ banners/ commissions in one place. This benefits my promoters contests and promotions I want to do. Being online is something I enjoy. However, remember there are also enjoyable things to do offline as well with family and friends. Enjoy life!

Speaking of special promotions has anyone noticed the new tab above on the header of this blog? Has anyone seen this splash page? http://kreate.me/Jo5 Hmm. Something is a buzz?

Until next time
Kris Rogers

Thursday, 31 July 2014

What is the right thing to do?

Sometimes this is a good answer to many a kids inquisitive questions and dilemmas. As a Christian there is the saying" What Would Jesus Do?". Its our conscience and our guide within. What is a good thing to do, what is the right thing to do? When I produced the two raps songs I had the choice about what to do, who to credit and this wasn't hard. When I completed my Library degree I learnt all about plagiarism and copyright. Lately I have even seen the same blog posts going around! Maybe its a copy/paste from the site itself like as an email in the "affiliate" area. The latest is also a splash page picture which has been changed slightly and not credited to the original artist.

And then there are pure mistakes and accidents...Things that are done but weren't meant to be and other people can be offended. We all get tired and the good old brain sometimes is a little slower than usual. I call it the "excuse my brain..the assembly line is slower than usual today", or brain fuzz. Ok, here was the deal, accusing someone that I thought was copying all due to me not clearing my cache! Banners especially are the worst for me. They look like my banner then I click on it and it goes elsewhere. I had to apologize profusely and cleared my cache, not that I outright accused this person but hoping they hadn't thought I had. I had the choice whether to say anything at all. I knew who this person was and it was very out of character for them to do a deliberate act. I wasn't angry with them either. I did the right thing because I learnt from this person to clear my cache often. If I didn't let them know I may have always wondered or held a grudge against them. Now I know it was an innocent mistake. Sorry to bring up a biblical reference but the right thing to do...based off scripture is," If your brother (friend) sins/trespasses against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your  brother (a friend.)" Matt18:15. Brackets are my interpretation. This scripture worked both ways as my comment may have caused offence. Working it out and chatting helps a lot. Saying sorry isn't hard either.

This question can also apply to splash pages. Today a great person from this community Skyped me to let me know a Squeeze page of mine wasn't working correctly. They couldn't put in their name into the sign up box. How long would it have been for me to notice this? I would have wasted endless credits for people that couldn't sign up correctly that say "forget it" and keep clicking. I would do the same. Time is precious in the TE community. If I see something amiss or I know someone and their splash isn't working or offline, I would tell them. I don't mean to beat my own chest but its the right thing to do.

Doing the right thing also applies to offline life. I was at the supermarket today and put a basket away for the customer ahead of me and her transaction had already gone through. I was in a bit of a hurry. I realized that she still had produce she hadn't paid for in the basket which was the same color as the basket.  She was so grateful when I asked her if the produce was hers. This was going to be the main part of her dinner and was so thankful because she would have gone home without this and have to come back again. Its really windy and wet here also so not a good evening to be out. It's the little things that can make a huge difference to someone else. I had the choice to ignore the product and leave it in the basket but I spoke up as I would have liked the same thing done for me if i was in the same situation. Remember I was in a hurry. So I had to wait for another transaction before I could be served.

Therefore, it may only be a small issue but addressing it and moving on is a part of doing the right thing. Do unto others as you would like have done to you is a very common phrase but when applied works brilliantly. Most importantly you may make more friends or get to know online ones more. Doing the right thing and having the right things done in return make me very happy.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Rapping it Up

Don't get put off this post by the CTP team paraphernalia. This topic is just the means to an end being a cool rap video.  I am on a team at Click Track Profit and its so fun. It's not all about the surfing but about the learning and wanting to contribute to the team and their branding. I have made a lot of cool friends here.

This blog is a journey for me and I want to document here another first for me...A rap song. It's not really what the song is about it's about the learning of how to do something.

Anyone can learn to do anything online, even rap. There are so many resources to teach how to achieve what you want. I would love to keep all this a secret but that's not what I'm all about. I really can't keep secrets well anyway.

Rapping all the way

The first step was my son. He gave me the idea. He found an app for my ipad called AutoRap by Smule. A friend recommended it to him. When I heard this app, WOW. It converts ANY words or sentence speech into rap. It comes with a free beat to begin with but you can earn plays to hear and use more beats. The free beat is somewhat familiar to the traffic exchange industry. (Shhh, Traffic Browser). So I couldn't use that one as everyone would think I was copying.

I told one of my team mates from the Strays, about the app and Wendy Chen recommended Windows Live Movie maker. It is very easy to use. This is my first attempt at video editing properly. Here are some "raps" that I experimented with HERE and HERE!

I then decided on the simple task of using the team splash and various blog post pictures to be the video. I decided on a rap beat and made simple lyrics. I just put the pictures in order and made sure it coincided with the length of the audio track. Voila, magic.

This converted to a file that I then uploaded to YouTube. After adding credits at the end I was finished and it's 2:30 in the morning. Worth it!

Adkreator is great for embedding Youtube clips so I made a splash to advertise CTP and the Strays. HERE is the splash I made.

My next project will be a rap video for promoting FreeRewards4u. 

Until next time

Kris Rogers

P.S. If you are interested in joining the Strays please send a private message to Virginia HERE as we are currently looking for new members.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Is Upgrading Worth it?

If it a business treat it like one. If you have your own business then you should have your own website/blog/affiliate site you want to promote. If you have your own website then you want it to be seen and "out there" more than other brands? If you treat it like any offline business and you generally have to pay for advertising. Luckily for you traffic exchanges are a free to use but it's your time that suffers if you stay free.

Free members of a traffic exchanges rarely have a 1:1 surfing ratio and if it is then the timer is longer. EasyHits4u is like this. Upgrading gives you credits per month to promote your site without having to surf the traffic exchange at all.

Upgrading gives you a shorter timer, sometimes no timer at all like Clicking Success. It is quicker to surf and get credits at a 1:1 ratio. Sometimes Clicking Success has bonus days and you get 2 credits per click with no timer! 1:1 means that for every site I view I get 1 person viewing my site in return. 

Upgrading sometimes give you random referrals for just being upgraded and you don't have to promote the site yourself. When you upgrade you can add more sites to rotate and get more bonuses the TE wishes to give you.

You trust the site if you buy an upgrade, especially if you buy a lifetime upgrade. I once didn't do my due diligence and bought a LT at a TE that ceased to exist within months. Lesson learnt but I got some money back from Paypal because I didn't get what I paid for lol. Or when owners sell a site and the new owners totally change the site for the worse or scrub the database, along with you in it. Trust is a must when I buy lifetime upgrades.

There usually are levels of upgrades. Daily, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually and lifetime (LT). Not at TEs offer LT and watch out for OTO (one-time offers) and specials at log in. These are usually cheaper than after you are in the members area. After a while you will pay off your LT and then all money you earned after this is profit but you are still getting the benefits and not paying out monthly. It sometimes takes spending money to make money with better commission rates (some up to 50% or more) when your referrals join under you and spend money at the site. You also earn more credits when your referrals surf.

My favorite upgraded sites are CTP Kore 4 because the bonuses you get far outweigh the monthly cost. It is a bundle of TE upgrades at one low cost per month. Another favorite of mine is Traffic Swirl where I paid for the LT upgrade and got paid commissions that paid for this cost within 10 months.

I hate having to spend money online. And free is still fine. But if you have goals to earn "X amount per week" then the free option may just take you that bit longer. Anyway who can afford to upgrade at the hundreds of traffic exchanges out there anyway. Choose wisely. Good luck.

Until next time,
Kris Rogers

Monday, 30 June 2014

What are team mates for?

 Welcome to our No.1 Click Track Profit Team called The Strays! Please check out our sites which are rotating below and join us at CTP! Come and join CTP and start winning today! We have a team jingle so scroll below to view it!
This is the page we are promoting as a team. You will see us around. It's nice to give back to the team because I'm not a great surfer. I consider myself more like an organiser. However, for a team to succeed communication is a must!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tools of the Trade

Before I start this post I am letting you know that I am merging my two websites into this one, so you will notice new menu links. My FreeRewards4u site will not be updated and this blog will be my main site.

So you are new (ish) to online endeavors? What tools can help you accelerate your business? These tools have been or could be a big asset to you for your online business.

All are free to join and can be used as a free member(some with a limited capacity).

A Gmail email address is recommended.
Use Gravatar to upload a picture and many traffic exchanges will use this image.

Click Track Profit is a great starting platform. They provide free introductory training into affiliate marketing.
Learn with Nick has more training videos for CTP.
TELive uses free Spreecasts to help you with online marketing.

Branding yourself is important. It took me quite a few months before I put my real picture on the internet. Brand me Tool helps you to brand yourself and get some cool splash pages made for you already. With Adkreator you can design your splash, squeeze page or banners here. There is no software to download. It is all hosted online.

Ok, so now you have some wonderful sites and splash pages to promote now its a good idea to see how well they are received. Trck.Me tracks your results to see what is working and what isn't. You don't want to waste your time or money or credits promoting pages no one will click on. Trckery.me has more training videos on how to use Trck.Me.

TeCommandPost, I have found out recently, is essential for organization. I use it so I know how many credits I have laying about in all the TEs. Wow, it also lets you know where your commissions are. There are many uses for this program which also stores your Ref links for quick finding. It is also a downline builder and the home of Commando Surf.

RocketResponder is the tool you need to build a list. Your subscriber inputs their details and they are opted in to your list. You can use the code generated here on your Adkreator squeeze page to increase your list numbers. The more the merrier.

Surfing can be done in a normal browser like Chrome, or you can use a browser designed for surfing like  TEBrowser which is quicker. The Legacy Team Coop means you can surf the Traffic exchanges that you use and like but your pages get shown all around the TEs you don't use as well.

Some people say that some TEs are better than others. The following sites use different methods to find out what TEs are the best: Affiliate Funnel, TeHooplaTrafficDeliveryReport, TrafficExchangelist etc.

Blogger/ Wordpress are free to use and you can make a name for yourself online and make your own personal website or blog.

Other useful tools include Dropbox for storage, Skype for information sharing and for being social and Webpage Screenshot.

This is by no means an extensive list of tools but with these few you can do so much.

Have fun building (your brand)
Kris Rogers

P.S. I have added some new links to the top of the page with some more sites I recommend. Join any of these sites and let me know so I can put YOUR banner under the Sign-up box.

Want a list of sites with CTP Badges? Its also a great Downline Builder!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Take me to thy Leader!

Since joining a team at Click Track Profit I have come to realise that leadership is an essential quality. With anyone, not just the Team Leader. A team doesn't have to be made up of ONE dictator but can have many advisors and then there are people that just DO (surf)! But one essential quality that a leader has is to be available.

Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this. If I became a leader I would be the type to listen to my group, then make a decision! I like getting feedback. Leaders have to have the guts to get up and take charge in the first place. They guide, direct, control and have the final say and the only control to direct the group. 

The CTP Teams leaders all  have this power. Its called "what's in the best interests of the team?" Sometimes it involves the hard decision of kicking the weakest player off the team. It may just happen. I know some teams already do this. I have taken a leader role within this team called Crazy Cats People because I like to keep people informed and so I decided to start the team blog. I want to create excitement and some activity and revitalise the team if I can. To become more of a team is the aim, and some of the shyer members to participate. This is a way I can help the team. I'm not the greatest surfer so this is my contribution. A big thank you to my co-contributor Wendy Chen who I am getting to know really well on the team. She also lives in a similar timezone to me which helps communication.

So this blog post is dedicated to all 46 team leaders! You must be Kore4 upgraded to start a team. Good on you and I wish them the best of luck at making those hard decisions this week! Here are a list of the dedicated people with a link to their profile page. Drop by and say hello to them! Heck, even ask to join their team. Joining a team may be the best thing you have done online. There is plenty of room for everyone to be on a team. Everyone has a part to play. Think about the branding.

Order of teams (leader names clickable) as at 9/6/14 at 5:30am EST.

CashSurfing Network Team 1- Eric Goettman
Surfaholics Alpha- Matt Badura
Crazy Cat People- Nathan LaPlante
Dream Team- Mary Goble Thomas
Empower World Team- Rosita Maasch
Lucky13- Tom Wacker
Bonz Brigade- William Miller II
Surfaholics Bravo- Jennifer Washburn 
CTP Masters- Nick Grimshawe 
Dr Kelps Racers- Grant Goodman aka Dr Kelp 
Wake Up Now- Marian Gurowicz 
Kore4- Gary Waters 
Indulge Yourself- Russell Stockley
Affiliate Prosperity- Martin Webster
TERacing League- Robert Arnold
#ovendogs- Richard Arblaster 
Plus One everyday- Serge Cote 
The C.T.P Renegades- David McKay 
Surf To Earn- Thomas Walls
Lions- Jose Perada
Nerdbirds- Barbara DelGiudice
Team Green- Mike Edmondson 
Passing The Leaders- Jim and Kristi Hall
UFO Hits- Terry Grieve
WealthBuilders- Evelyn Kramer
Cash Surfing Network- Team 2- Marcus Wahl
HomeRun Hitters- Janelle Pineau
Life Timer- Dualberto Brito 
Anime Art- Jeffrey Ballesteros
the BEGINNERS and TEAM Members- Patsy j Payne
Pure Leveragers- Stephen Hall
The Founders!- Larry Dame 3
Emporia Systems- Eric Abott
Expats- John Priestly
Team Freedom- Michael Freed
Go MORTS- Peter Mortimer
Nerd Surfers- Linda C Brand
Stinkin Badge Owners- Randy Sult
Grasshoppers- Sean Branagan 
MeteoricRise- Allen Willmann
Country Music Fan- Scott Kimmes
Crazy Surfers- Popescu Alexandru
Veteran Surf- Marie Perrelet
A team- James Hazzard
Brejoy- Brenda Shaylor

Until next time
Kris Rogers

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Making connections

Connections are made from making an acquaintance online. After a chat over something in common this may turn into a connection and then online friendship. As a matter of fact, I have made an offline friend from an online connection also and we have the occasional catch up offline. I don't find too many online people from Adelaide, Australia.

Online connections can be made in many ways. Some include Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other social media sites. Recently I found a great social network site called IBOtoolbox and have had many connections there which later became Skype connections to talk, share and refer. Sharing screens on Skype for helping each other is such a great idea! However, today while doing some research on this topic I came across this YouTube video about StumbleUpon which I know nothing about and I'm going to see if it rings true. So please share this site on StumbleUpon over on the Social Media sites in the right hand column and it would greatly be appreciated.  This is the icon. Please comment if you know more about StumbleUpon than I do!

Some other ways to interact with people are through the traffic exchange chats also. Click Track Profit however is the only Traffic Exchange with a Team Chat! Refer to my last blog post HERE about the new team surfing at Click Track Profit. I have gotten to know my Team Leader from the Crazy Cats People. There you go! Another connection. In fact I have more CTP friends now from my fellow team mates. 

So as a good team member that I am, I'm letting you know that Nathan LaPlante, my brave and mighty leader, has just opened a new Traffic Exchange called Surfing Cats. Surfing Cats currently has a new member bonus of when you surf 50 you automatically get 500/500/500. So if you want your website seen 500 times for little effort this is a great place to advertise. Plus if you join by clicking the banner below Nathan will ADD ANOTHER 100/100/100 for you! Thats 600/600/600! But only through this link. Just for being a cool surfing cat! As most traffic exchanges are free this one is free also to join.

Until next time
Happy surfing
Kris Rogers

PS. By joining Surfing Cats or any other program from the links on this blog and also subscribing to the FreeRewards4uBlog Updates you will be eligible to put your banner on my site over on the right where indicated. Details will be emailed to you when you subscribe.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Teams be in it to win it

Teams are individuals joining together towards a common goal. Many traffic exchanges have team surfing. The common goal is to surf as an individual but also towards winning for your team. Collectively the individuals surfing scores make up the team score.

Currently, I am a member of a team at StartXchange (Old Skoolers ), LegacyTeamCoop (SweetAsSugar), Traffic Swirl (United Surfers), and now Click Track Profit (CrazyCatPeople). I dedicate most of my time to these programs anyway so joining a team is my way of saying "I am committed to this site". There is no point joining a team to not "be in it" and try your best. 

Why do you join a team? Do you trust members of that team? Do you know people in that team? What will you bring to the table? How much time do you have dedicated to the site and for your cause? Teams require commitment, enthusiasm (perhaps shown by the leader) and loyalty unless you are poached (bribed) to join another team. Teamwork builds trust. Trust builds friendship.

The newest team that I belong to is the "Crazy Cats People!" I do love cats after all....And I had a crazy cat once...I was asked to join another team but I was too late to join because that team was full (in fact I was asleep) because the CTP launch of teams occurred during the wee hours of the morning here in Australia. If I was quick enough I would have joined that other team because their leader is a person I think highly of in this industry and I know he will be a great team leader (Tom Wacker :) I do not know many of the people in my team but I have been accepted in the Crazy Cats and been in contact with the leader a few times. I love the aspect of the team chat also so this helps me get to know my teammates a bit better! At least I have more people who I can share my badges with now. I'm not sure what the prizes will be in this competition but there is a blog dedicated to the teams HERE. I know I currently get 10% more credits when Nerd Surfing because I am in a top 10 team.

T*E*A*M = Together Everyone Achieves More!

Until next time
Kris Rogers
P.S. I am dedicating this blog post to my new team. May we always do our best....

Monday, 7 April 2014

Click Track Profit is Rewarding

Click Track Profit would have to be my favorite website for learning the ways of net marketing. It is FREE to join! You get $1 for signing up. It is useful for beginners as well as advanced affiliate marketers. Did you know there are over 101 thousand members now and still growing? A part of its appeal may be because it is fun and they reward you.
The Nerd sites are the basis for many of these rewards and I suggest you join them. By surfing at least 4 at one time you also get extra credits!

Nerd sites: Sweeva, StartXchange, ILoveHits, Thumbvu, Surf Skeleton, SiteExplosion, LegacyHits, and TopHits4u.



Surf in the TEs listed under the SUB GAME and collect a mine. There are 4 to collect. They appear at about 35-37 page views. Find this...

Which leads to this page....

After the 4 mines are collected this screen appears....

Click the blank squares to find as many green squares as possible. Each being 1 cent. Yes, real money is added to your commissions.


Surf the TEs under each vault to unlock the vault.  There are only 2 sites to surf for each vault. The key appears at about 77 pages surfed.

Find a page similar to this......

Once the vault is open you can win a reward, perhaps even 25 cents. There are many other "Goodies" you can win also.


Collect the badges for these:  This is one example...

Badges are found randomly while surfing the Nerd sites. There is one prize card called the Friendzy card that you can only collect the pieces if they are shared with you. Collect friends at CTP also! Mini prize cards are bought with tokens at the Goodies page. Once a card is completed you get to spin the Prize wheel!

A JACKPOT lets you spin the MONEY WHEEL!


Who doesn't love loyalty programs? Find out more information here

A Tim Tech (owners of CTP) Email quote:

For every dollar you spend at one of our sites, you earn 7 rewards points. As they accumulate, you’ll be able to exchange them in for awesome prizes, products, upgrades, credits & more!

Earn Rewards Points by making purchases at these sites: RocketResponderListnerdsClickTrackProfitILoveHitsStartXchangeSweeva

Until next time,
Kris Rogers

P.S Don't forget if you join any of the sites I have mentioned here and at the recommended sites list on the right then you get free promotion under the subscribe box. For subscribers only.

Friday, 21 March 2014


Sometimes change is hard to take. Sometimes a transition is slow and we hardly notice or other times it can happen quickly and suddenly when we least expect it.

When it comes to the online world changes are happening all the time. Sites come and go. Thats a big change. What if you have a Life Time membership at a site and that site ceases to exist? This has happened to me before and I put forward a PayPal dispute and won half of my money back. The site didn't produce what it promised because it dissapeared after a few months of my upgrade. So be wary of upgrades that are too good to be true. 

Other sites can change gradually with an update here and there. This is a good thing! This shows the owner cares. Click Track Profit and Tim Tech are active owners. The training steps change occassionally. Traffic Swirl always is being tweaked for the better. The Cash Surfing Network just released CSN City. This is exciting and can't wait until it is running smoothly. TERL (TeRacingLeague) has just changed the racing element to their site. 

Can you see that changes are necessary. Its life. However, how drastic the changes and how unexpectedly those changes are is the issue.

Change for the better? The Cash Surfing network has launched CSN Cities where you collect items and win prizes during surfing at the CSN sites. Great and fun idea.
Change for the worse? No doubt that would be the change of ownership at Nerdbux. The jury is out on that. Visit Tom Wacker's blog for a more detailed idea of what is going on. I am just giving my experience here. All I know is that I have a LifeTime membership there and about 150 rented referrals have disappeared without adequate compensation. I have been a great advocate for Nerdbux and now I'm not too sure because I dont trust its fate. It has been nice knowing you Nerdbux and you got me a lot of referrals but now the friendship is over until you can prove yourself again. TimTech had every right to sell it after finding many cheaters in the system. They were fighting a losing battle because of the greed of cheaters who don't want to make an honest living online.

Until next time
Kris Rogers

Monday, 17 March 2014

Blogging is Good For You

Have you heard that blogging is good for you? Also, reading blogs can be just as good as writing blogs.

Regarding writing a blog: Scientific American suggests that writing a blog is like a diary, sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences, and actually improves memory and sleep. There are also many celebrities that blog. Check them out here.

Blogs are also a great marketing tool. Its your ideas, your products and your services. Its free advertising/publicity with a personal touch. You can promote yourself and make connections with other like minded people. Feed back is generally encouraged on blogs where other people can comment. 

When we write a blog we hope to connect with receptive readers and like minded people in similar situations. We are social creatures and want to feel engaged with trends in our field. Some other examples of different blog groups include new mums, saving money and craft blogs. The subject matter is endless. Sometimes all bloggers want is support and to share ideas, or to put a concept or idea "out there" to see if there is a reaction. Sort of like a forum entry but with more content. Blogs read almost like essays except they don't have to be so technical. I love the creative aspect of blogging. It's a freedom of expression that gets me thinking.

Regarding reading a blog: It helps us realize we are not alone. Its almost like sneaking into someones life through curiosity when they aren't looking to check in and see what they are up to. Blogs are informative in their own right . We can share similar experiences, get advice, learn along the way, become aware of new programs we weren't aware of, or learn about totally new subject.

I wish I had discovered reading and learning about blogs when I first began online in he early 2000s. Its a quick and engaging way to learn something and questions can be asked in the comments section. I cannot emphasise enough about the connections that I have made through blogging. 

If you are in the net marketing/ earning online field etc, please feel free to read some of the blogs mentioned to the right of this post. They are located just under the page views. If anyone who wants to put the FreeRewards4u blog on their blog roll I would be honored and will also do the same for your blog. Just contact me.

Don't forget that I have put together a Face Blog Group. "Calling all Net Marketing Bloggers!! This is a Group you can place your links to your new blog posts for others to read. All in one place! I guess I call it FreeBlogAdverts4U!!!" If any of you are blog writers or blog readers you are welcome to join.

Until next time....

Kris Rogers

Saturday, 8 March 2014

What! You're not Advertising in PTCs?

I'm so excited! I haven't advertised at a Paid to Click for a while and LegacyClix has/had a great deal of a Fixed Ad for 3 days ($27). What a bargain! I already have 7 signups to Click Track Profit in just 24 hours. Also, I have another 7 signups from those referrals joining programs within CTP! I have nearly reached 10 thousand hits to the Fixed Ad also after 1 day. Please refer also to a previous post I have for more information on PTCs.* Its Raining Referrals* and my website *FreeRewards4u/PTC*

Come on everyone, there is no excuse,  PTC advertising does work! I mean CTP does speak for itself but it does depend on your advertised program. I usually also buy a Nerdgrid add at Nerdbux which spreads your advertising over a month at a great price of $5! I usually don't cash out at Nerdbux I spend it instead on advertising. $5 is very achievable goal to save for.

There are many great PTCs out there with various specials on at any one time. One that springs to mind is Team Bradley Bux. They seem to always have a deal on so check them out. This is not meant to be a "links only" post but I want to share my enthusiasm for PTC as an advertising medium. Please comment and share any successes you may have experienced with PTC!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

How much is your list worth?

Welcome to all my new subscribers. A big hello and welcome to the FreeRewards4u blog. These past few weeks I have had to work hard to get more subscribers. Well, not really! I am thrilled people have actually taken an interest in my blog. I know there was a carrot dangling in front of them but at least many know who I am now.  My list has more than doubled. I am happy with the results of the CTPis3 badge hunt. Although I didn't gain much financially out of it and I had to pay for the badge I had fun and had contact with many of you for the first time. I also messaged my CTP downline about the badge hunt and many did become active again and logged in. What a bonus! Just to get downline to come back and log in to see what the excitement is about is great to see. I also added a welcome or hello message that waited for them on their profile page. 

This blog post is also a summary of my experience with the CTP badge hunt. Here were the conditions to get my badge. View the splash page HERE! Most people took up the offer of subscribing to my blog updates. I didn't want to force people into this so I gave 3 options. I have gotten many subscribers in the hunt like I expected. I did have some upgrade options but alas no one took this.

Now for my stats!

Number of badges I found: 159

New subscribers during this time: 131
Money badges etc from CTP during this time: $4
Referrals to CTP direct: 5
                           random: 2
Subscribers to my FreeRewards4u Website: 8
Other program signups: 7
Money from other signups: $2
Credits earnt from all that surfing: too many to count!
New friends at CTP: 5-10
Twitter followers: / Facebook friends: 5-10

So how much is my list worth?
My list cost me : 12 (now 10.5) cents per subscriber

NOTE: I just won $5 from Showbiz Hits for getting their badge. So my cents per subscriber has reduced further.

Ok, so now I have subscribers what next? Retention! It is the potential of a list which makes subscribers so special. My subscribers here are just as important as any referral, or any Facebook friend/ twitter follower. Its the potential of the list that counts. They may join a program I have promoted (hint, hint, see below) here at this blog. I may get to know some more of these people as I already do. However, I want to help my subscribers where I can. I am always willing to help. 

Just a reminder: as I said in an introductory email if you look to the right under the subscribe box you have have your banner there FREE. If you join any link from this site your banner will replace the banner currently there. Your banner may be there for an hour, one month, one year who knows. Until another subscriber joins a program from my blog. I have a list at the right side column that I have mentioned in a previous blog. This includes my Newsletter at my other site FreeRewards4u.

Hope you all won some money from the badge hunt
Kris Rogers