Thursday, 31 July 2014

What is the right thing to do?

Sometimes this is a good answer to many a kids inquisitive questions and dilemmas. As a Christian there is the saying" What Would Jesus Do?". Its our conscience and our guide within. What is a good thing to do, what is the right thing to do? When I produced the two raps songs I had the choice about what to do, who to credit and this wasn't hard. When I completed my Library degree I learnt all about plagiarism and copyright. Lately I have even seen the same blog posts going around! Maybe its a copy/paste from the site itself like as an email in the "affiliate" area. The latest is also a splash page picture which has been changed slightly and not credited to the original artist.

And then there are pure mistakes and accidents...Things that are done but weren't meant to be and other people can be offended. We all get tired and the good old brain sometimes is a little slower than usual. I call it the "excuse my brain..the assembly line is slower than usual today", or brain fuzz. Ok, here was the deal, accusing someone that I thought was copying all due to me not clearing my cache! Banners especially are the worst for me. They look like my banner then I click on it and it goes elsewhere. I had to apologize profusely and cleared my cache, not that I outright accused this person but hoping they hadn't thought I had. I had the choice whether to say anything at all. I knew who this person was and it was very out of character for them to do a deliberate act. I wasn't angry with them either. I did the right thing because I learnt from this person to clear my cache often. If I didn't let them know I may have always wondered or held a grudge against them. Now I know it was an innocent mistake. Sorry to bring up a biblical reference but the right thing to do...based off scripture is," If your brother (friend) sins/trespasses against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your  brother (a friend.)" Matt18:15. Brackets are my interpretation. This scripture worked both ways as my comment may have caused offence. Working it out and chatting helps a lot. Saying sorry isn't hard either.

This question can also apply to splash pages. Today a great person from this community Skyped me to let me know a Squeeze page of mine wasn't working correctly. They couldn't put in their name into the sign up box. How long would it have been for me to notice this? I would have wasted endless credits for people that couldn't sign up correctly that say "forget it" and keep clicking. I would do the same. Time is precious in the TE community. If I see something amiss or I know someone and their splash isn't working or offline, I would tell them. I don't mean to beat my own chest but its the right thing to do.

Doing the right thing also applies to offline life. I was at the supermarket today and put a basket away for the customer ahead of me and her transaction had already gone through. I was in a bit of a hurry. I realized that she still had produce she hadn't paid for in the basket which was the same color as the basket.  She was so grateful when I asked her if the produce was hers. This was going to be the main part of her dinner and was so thankful because she would have gone home without this and have to come back again. Its really windy and wet here also so not a good evening to be out. It's the little things that can make a huge difference to someone else. I had the choice to ignore the product and leave it in the basket but I spoke up as I would have liked the same thing done for me if i was in the same situation. Remember I was in a hurry. So I had to wait for another transaction before I could be served.

Therefore, it may only be a small issue but addressing it and moving on is a part of doing the right thing. Do unto others as you would like have done to you is a very common phrase but when applied works brilliantly. Most importantly you may make more friends or get to know online ones more. Doing the right thing and having the right things done in return make me very happy.

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Tom Wacker said...

Great post, Kris.

For me, it's all about attribution. Say that you got it from me, and use it freely. No charge:)

Most people will do the next right thing, given the chance. It is truly the way it ought to be..

Thanks again!