Saturday, 19 September 2015

The latest CTP badge hunt just days away

Click Track Profit are again organizing another great badge hunt. Starts in a few days. Are you ready?

This time they are giving out the following prizes: The top 75 members that claim the most badge hunt badges each get $5!

On top of that during the event they are giving out tons of CTP XP randomly when members collect the badges!

They will be giving $5 to each member of the team that claims the most Badges!

Yes again I will be giving away a badge, the following badge:

Short but sweet thought for today: The badge hunts are still a great strategy to help build your lists online ;) There is no limit to how many people you can have on your list so why not keep it growing. It is easy to buy a badge to trade to get people on your list. The hard part is getting them to stay subscribed!

Good luck hunters!

Kris Rogers

PS. There are also 2 traffic exchanges I co-own that will have badges to be found. Click on the banners below and join to be ready...

*******if you want badge #40 I have the Bucket of Banners banner exchange at the bottom of this site! *****