Sunday, 9 February 2014

Winners are Grinners

My son has recently taught me how to win. He plays competition table tennis and I just started this also. Here are some observations I have noticed. These actually can be applied to net marketing also.
  • Focus on your strategy. It's not how your opponent plays the game it's how you play the game. Don't get distracted by them. 
  • You have strengths and you have weaknesses. Accept advice with these things and don't dismiss this advice. No matter what you are doing there is probably someone better than you.
  • Come to the match prepared. Get the right equipment.
  • Be patient while playing. Go for the winning shot when you get the opportunity.
  • Practice what you do every day. Keep on trying to better yourself. Put in 100% even in practice.
  • However, still look after yourself. Rest and re-hydrate.

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With winning this badge competition: Focus on what you have to do. In Sunny and Tom's Blog there is a link to a spread sheet to keep you on track. Some badges will require some time to achieve so at least write these down and work on them each day. Be patient. Remember this competition starts in a few days so come prepared! What are the requirements to get each badge? Read the instructions carefully. To get all 200 badges you need at least 11 badges everyday. Try to pace yourself. But most importantly don't forget to look after yourself these next 18 days. Its easy to get so engrossed in this hunt that we will forget we have family and friends. :) Mostly, saying this to myself. Therefore, take time out to rest and re-energize. That is advice from a mum (mom). Good luck! 

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