Thursday, 28 November 2013

Net Marketing Forum

Listening to TE Live 4pm EST weekdays helps me become aware of the new sites that are popping up in the traffic exchange industry. Yes, I may not be there live but I listen to it afterwards on Spreecast. The time it is on in the Americas is "getting the kids ready for school hour" in South Australia. The Net Marketing Forum is one of these new sites. It is a site highly recommended by TimTech and Jon Olson (administrator) and now me! 

Net Marketing Forum is generally a free-for-all channel to express opinions on making money online including the traffic exchanges, paid to clicks, mailers etc. There is and Rant and Rave section, a section on Blogs where I can now tell everyone I have a new blog post, payment processors, Payza being a hot topic in that one, and there is even a section on referrals where you can post your links or swap referrals!

Some of my contributions

Limiting page views:

"I think every TE needs both types of people to surf. The few that surf lots of

 pages and lots that surf few. The main issue is moving the traffic (credits) 

that is there. There are TEs that have little site movement and credits take 

forever to be used and there are others that as soon as they are deposited 

they are gone. Its the happy medium in the middle that is needed. Balancing 

act of the motivations and incentives the owners provide to get things 

moving. A surfing competition here, and log in bonuses there. All good! No 

limits TEs need you....."

200K members in Nerdbux:

How long do you guys think Nerdbuxs will last? Just curious since I don't want to start something that may shut down in the future and lose the time I invested. 200k members Grats ^_^ must be doing something right so I'm not really worried more curious than anything else.

"Nerdbux has very trusted admin called TimTech and have been around for 11 

years. They own and run several large traffic exchanges and other services 

online. I have upgraded for life in all their sites. Thats how much I trust them. 

There reputation comes before them and are highly regarded by many people. 

I say they will will here for many years to come  :)"

Get referrals using Downline Builders:

"How successful are downline builders to get referrals? They are great for 

promoting ONE link to get many referrals for many programs. I have a couple 

of Downline Builder programs on my website. You can also add your link/ 

banner to my website and promote your site FREE. Details on my website by 

clicking the banner below. (FREE PROMO PAGE) 

Downline builder website link:"

Emails that don't have a Clickable Link:

To all those webmasters and admin out there...

"Whenever you send an email to your list please have a link directing me to 

your website.  Its a time saving element for me, instead of having to type the 

address in the bar. This includes whenever I get a referral email, or promo 

code, every time please!"

What is the Deal with Rented Referrals:

"I am very happy with the rented referrals at Nerdbux. It has helped that 

we earn with micro ads also. The more ads available for the referrals to click 

on the better. 

I try to increase my RR by one or more everyday and my other RR pay for 

this. I turn on autopay so I am only keeping the RR that click. I let the RR 

with little/no clicks expire. I have about 70 at the moment and thank you to

all of them who ever they are. I sometimes earn enough to get a micro ad 

paid for. Striving to take my RR to about 100 soon."

Traffic Swirl in Downline thread:

Traffic Swirl is my biggest paying traffic exchange. Come and get your 

cash daily. I have paid for my lifetime upgrade within a year. There are all 

kinds of cash give aways as well as contests and promotions to help 

you make money online with active admin. 

It's totally free, easy, and fun.  :)

You can join here

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