Thursday, 31 October 2013

Its over!

I feel like this cat, sad and grumpy! I'm sad its over. I'm grumpy because I thought my badge was very easy to get and I was expecting more people to grab it!  Next to the kitty is my badge that I paid for to be a part of Spooktacular. I'm tired from the surfing over the last 10 days. I managed to collect 151 badges myself. My housework has been neglected. It is exciting though to wake up in the morning to see which people have joined my list or program I advertised.

I may have to work on my branding. I am still an "unknown" in this industry. Any help would be gratefully accepted. How could I have done this better? I even advertised with a fixed ad on Nerdbux.  Of coarse with good results and getting over 30 thousand hits. Also, a little satisfied with my efforts. I have a Nerdgrid ad and got 33 referrals for Click Track Profit during this time. 

My website I was promoting is HERE! I made it through EasyHits4U free splash page. I really should upgrade at AdKreator so it looks a little more professional! It was more an informative page and I wanted people to be able to see all the instructions on one page.

Overall, here are my stats: (some people joined more than just my elist!)

People who collected my badge: 52
Signups to my Newsletter/list : 49
Other programs signup: 9
Upgraded: 1 lifetime (this alone paid for my spooktacular badge)

If anything this has been a good branding experience for me. Would I buy another badge next time! Definitely YES!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Remember E-Gold?

I used to be a member of Egold  when I started earning money online about 10-15 years ago. Back then, some sites would send you earnings (no matter how small) to your Egold account weekly. Your earnings would fluctuate depending on the price of gold. Does this sound like Bitcoin slightly? Except Bitcoins dont really exist. Egold was meant to backed up with gold in a real vault somewhere.

Anyway Egold got shut down. You can get the full story HERE from Wiki. I recently got an email saying I can recover my money and make a claim to have it recovered. The word "SCAM" did enter my mind but I still have my log in details and so logged in to Egold to see how much is owing to me. A nice sum is sitting there waiting. To all those in the same position as me, be prepared for a "process" of proving your identity. Uploading ID, proving where you live etc. I had a problem with my ID (I simply entered it wrong) because it was knocked back so I questioned them via email. They did reply promptly. After this, and I almost missed it, you log in to another website, and re-provide your details including address, tax and banking details. Now all I have to do is wait for a cheque because the amount is under $1000. It may take a couple of months but its my money and I earnt it.

Its now the 5th of February 2014 and guess what I got a US check in the mail from e-gold! I'm still in shock it actually arrived. Well I hope it doesn't bounce. I will keep you all informed.