Friday, 21 March 2014


Sometimes change is hard to take. Sometimes a transition is slow and we hardly notice or other times it can happen quickly and suddenly when we least expect it.

When it comes to the online world changes are happening all the time. Sites come and go. Thats a big change. What if you have a Life Time membership at a site and that site ceases to exist? This has happened to me before and I put forward a PayPal dispute and won half of my money back. The site didn't produce what it promised because it dissapeared after a few months of my upgrade. So be wary of upgrades that are too good to be true. 

Other sites can change gradually with an update here and there. This is a good thing! This shows the owner cares. Click Track Profit and Tim Tech are active owners. The training steps change occassionally. Traffic Swirl always is being tweaked for the better. The Cash Surfing Network just released CSN City. This is exciting and can't wait until it is running smoothly. TERL (TeRacingLeague) has just changed the racing element to their site. 

Can you see that changes are necessary. Its life. However, how drastic the changes and how unexpectedly those changes are is the issue.

Change for the better? The Cash Surfing network has launched CSN Cities where you collect items and win prizes during surfing at the CSN sites. Great and fun idea.
Change for the worse? No doubt that would be the change of ownership at Nerdbux. The jury is out on that. Visit Tom Wacker's blog for a more detailed idea of what is going on. I am just giving my experience here. All I know is that I have a LifeTime membership there and about 150 rented referrals have disappeared without adequate compensation. I have been a great advocate for Nerdbux and now I'm not too sure because I dont trust its fate. It has been nice knowing you Nerdbux and you got me a lot of referrals but now the friendship is over until you can prove yourself again. TimTech had every right to sell it after finding many cheaters in the system. They were fighting a losing battle because of the greed of cheaters who don't want to make an honest living online.

Until next time
Kris Rogers

Monday, 17 March 2014

Blogging is Good For You

Have you heard that blogging is good for you? Also, reading blogs can be just as good as writing blogs.

Regarding writing a blog: Scientific American suggests that writing a blog is like a diary, sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences, and actually improves memory and sleep. There are also many celebrities that blog. Check them out here.

Blogs are also a great marketing tool. Its your ideas, your products and your services. Its free advertising/publicity with a personal touch. You can promote yourself and make connections with other like minded people. Feed back is generally encouraged on blogs where other people can comment. 

When we write a blog we hope to connect with receptive readers and like minded people in similar situations. We are social creatures and want to feel engaged with trends in our field. Some other examples of different blog groups include new mums, saving money and craft blogs. The subject matter is endless. Sometimes all bloggers want is support and to share ideas, or to put a concept or idea "out there" to see if there is a reaction. Sort of like a forum entry but with more content. Blogs read almost like essays except they don't have to be so technical. I love the creative aspect of blogging. It's a freedom of expression that gets me thinking.

Regarding reading a blog: It helps us realize we are not alone. Its almost like sneaking into someones life through curiosity when they aren't looking to check in and see what they are up to. Blogs are informative in their own right . We can share similar experiences, get advice, learn along the way, become aware of new programs we weren't aware of, or learn about totally new subject.

I wish I had discovered reading and learning about blogs when I first began online in he early 2000s. Its a quick and engaging way to learn something and questions can be asked in the comments section. I cannot emphasise enough about the connections that I have made through blogging. 

If you are in the net marketing/ earning online field etc, please feel free to read some of the blogs mentioned to the right of this post. They are located just under the page views. If anyone who wants to put the FreeRewards4u blog on their blog roll I would be honored and will also do the same for your blog. Just contact me.

Don't forget that I have put together a Face Blog Group. "Calling all Net Marketing Bloggers!! This is a Group you can place your links to your new blog posts for others to read. All in one place! I guess I call it FreeBlogAdverts4U!!!" If any of you are blog writers or blog readers you are welcome to join.

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Kris Rogers

Saturday, 8 March 2014

What! You're not Advertising in PTCs?

I'm so excited! I haven't advertised at a Paid to Click for a while and LegacyClix has/had a great deal of a Fixed Ad for 3 days ($27). What a bargain! I already have 7 signups to Click Track Profit in just 24 hours. Also, I have another 7 signups from those referrals joining programs within CTP! I have nearly reached 10 thousand hits to the Fixed Ad also after 1 day. Please refer also to a previous post I have for more information on PTCs.* Its Raining Referrals* and my website *FreeRewards4u/PTC*

Come on everyone, there is no excuse,  PTC advertising does work! I mean CTP does speak for itself but it does depend on your advertised program. I usually also buy a Nerdgrid add at Nerdbux which spreads your advertising over a month at a great price of $5! I usually don't cash out at Nerdbux I spend it instead on advertising. $5 is very achievable goal to save for.

There are many great PTCs out there with various specials on at any one time. One that springs to mind is Team Bradley Bux. They seem to always have a deal on so check them out. This is not meant to be a "links only" post but I want to share my enthusiasm for PTC as an advertising medium. Please comment and share any successes you may have experienced with PTC!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

How much is your list worth?

Welcome to all my new subscribers. A big hello and welcome to the FreeRewards4u blog. These past few weeks I have had to work hard to get more subscribers. Well, not really! I am thrilled people have actually taken an interest in my blog. I know there was a carrot dangling in front of them but at least many know who I am now.  My list has more than doubled. I am happy with the results of the CTPis3 badge hunt. Although I didn't gain much financially out of it and I had to pay for the badge I had fun and had contact with many of you for the first time. I also messaged my CTP downline about the badge hunt and many did become active again and logged in. What a bonus! Just to get downline to come back and log in to see what the excitement is about is great to see. I also added a welcome or hello message that waited for them on their profile page. 

This blog post is also a summary of my experience with the CTP badge hunt. Here were the conditions to get my badge. View the splash page HERE! Most people took up the offer of subscribing to my blog updates. I didn't want to force people into this so I gave 3 options. I have gotten many subscribers in the hunt like I expected. I did have some upgrade options but alas no one took this.

Now for my stats!

Number of badges I found: 159

New subscribers during this time: 131
Money badges etc from CTP during this time: $4
Referrals to CTP direct: 5
                           random: 2
Subscribers to my FreeRewards4u Website: 8
Other program signups: 7
Money from other signups: $2
Credits earnt from all that surfing: too many to count!
New friends at CTP: 5-10
Twitter followers: / Facebook friends: 5-10

So how much is my list worth?
My list cost me : 12 (now 10.5) cents per subscriber

NOTE: I just won $5 from Showbiz Hits for getting their badge. So my cents per subscriber has reduced further.

Ok, so now I have subscribers what next? Retention! It is the potential of a list which makes subscribers so special. My subscribers here are just as important as any referral, or any Facebook friend/ twitter follower. Its the potential of the list that counts. They may join a program I have promoted (hint, hint, see below) here at this blog. I may get to know some more of these people as I already do. However, I want to help my subscribers where I can. I am always willing to help. 

Just a reminder: as I said in an introductory email if you look to the right under the subscribe box you have have your banner there FREE. If you join any link from this site your banner will replace the banner currently there. Your banner may be there for an hour, one month, one year who knows. Until another subscriber joins a program from my blog. I have a list at the right side column that I have mentioned in a previous blog. This includes my Newsletter at my other site FreeRewards4u.

Hope you all won some money from the badge hunt
Kris Rogers