Friday, 21 March 2014


Sometimes change is hard to take. Sometimes a transition is slow and we hardly notice or other times it can happen quickly and suddenly when we least expect it.

When it comes to the online world changes are happening all the time. Sites come and go. Thats a big change. What if you have a Life Time membership at a site and that site ceases to exist? This has happened to me before and I put forward a PayPal dispute and won half of my money back. The site didn't produce what it promised because it dissapeared after a few months of my upgrade. So be wary of upgrades that are too good to be true. 

Other sites can change gradually with an update here and there. This is a good thing! This shows the owner cares. Click Track Profit and Tim Tech are active owners. The training steps change occassionally. Traffic Swirl always is being tweaked for the better. The Cash Surfing Network just released CSN City. This is exciting and can't wait until it is running smoothly. TERL (TeRacingLeague) has just changed the racing element to their site. 

Can you see that changes are necessary. Its life. However, how drastic the changes and how unexpectedly those changes are is the issue.

Change for the better? The Cash Surfing network has launched CSN Cities where you collect items and win prizes during surfing at the CSN sites. Great and fun idea.
Change for the worse? No doubt that would be the change of ownership at Nerdbux. The jury is out on that. Visit Tom Wacker's blog for a more detailed idea of what is going on. I am just giving my experience here. All I know is that I have a LifeTime membership there and about 150 rented referrals have disappeared without adequate compensation. I have been a great advocate for Nerdbux and now I'm not too sure because I dont trust its fate. It has been nice knowing you Nerdbux and you got me a lot of referrals but now the friendship is over until you can prove yourself again. TimTech had every right to sell it after finding many cheaters in the system. They were fighting a losing battle because of the greed of cheaters who don't want to make an honest living online.

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Kris Rogers

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Tom Wacker said...

Hey, Kris! Great Post.

Change is often good or not so good based on my personal filters, and what is comfortable for me. For instance, I am one of the few that still thinks TimTech screwed up when they changed ThumbVu:)

With the explosive change at Nerdbux, I think TT knew they were fighting a losing battle, and a buyer came forward. TT jumped at the chance to sell to a very experienced PTC guy. Had that not happened, TT would have somehow made it right with everybody...That is what I believe.

Anyway, great post, and thanks for the mention!