Thursday, 11 April 2013

Traffic Exchanges that have paid me!

I have only been active in traffic exchanges since late 2012. Already I have been paid. Sometimes its a matter of slow and steady to get to payout, sometimes its a contest win. The three sites that have paid me so far is Showbiz Hits, Website Traffic Hog and Traffic Swirl:

SHOWBIZ HITS has some fun contests such as:
Collect the Starman which you can get 1 per day to go into a weekly draw if you claim 5 in a week.
Surf 1000 over 7 days for a drawing.
Surf 300 for a daily raffle ticket.

WEBSITE TRAFFIC HOG has many different contests:
There are frequent surf promos with other traffic exchanges.
Surf 250 or 1500 during a week drawings.
Active new member drawing.
Collecting a certain amount of tokens during the week drawing.
A Login Spotlight Ad Rotator, just surf 25.
And many more.

I already have given information about TRAFFIC SWIRL in my blog here.

The site below is a craft site but I get paid monthly no matter what the amount owing:

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!

Enjoy your surfing!!!