Monday, 30 June 2014

What are team mates for?

 Welcome to our No.1 Click Track Profit Team called The Strays! Please check out our sites which are rotating below and join us at CTP! Come and join CTP and start winning today! We have a team jingle so scroll below to view it!
This is the page we are promoting as a team. You will see us around. It's nice to give back to the team because I'm not a great surfer. I consider myself more like an organiser. However, for a team to succeed communication is a must!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tools of the Trade

Before I start this post I am letting you know that I am merging my two websites into this one, so you will notice new menu links. My FreeRewards4u site will not be updated and this blog will be my main site.

So you are new (ish) to online endeavors? What tools can help you accelerate your business? These tools have been or could be a big asset to you for your online business.

All are free to join and can be used as a free member(some with a limited capacity).

A Gmail email address is recommended.
Use Gravatar to upload a picture and many traffic exchanges will use this image.

Click Track Profit is a great starting platform. They provide free introductory training into affiliate marketing.
Learn with Nick has more training videos for CTP.
TELive uses free Spreecasts to help you with online marketing.

Branding yourself is important. It took me quite a few months before I put my real picture on the internet. Brand me Tool helps you to brand yourself and get some cool splash pages made for you already. With Adkreator you can design your splash, squeeze page or banners here. There is no software to download. It is all hosted online.

Ok, so now you have some wonderful sites and splash pages to promote now its a good idea to see how well they are received. Trck.Me tracks your results to see what is working and what isn't. You don't want to waste your time or money or credits promoting pages no one will click on. has more training videos on how to use Trck.Me.

TeCommandPost, I have found out recently, is essential for organization. I use it so I know how many credits I have laying about in all the TEs. Wow, it also lets you know where your commissions are. There are many uses for this program which also stores your Ref links for quick finding. It is also a downline builder and the home of Commando Surf.

RocketResponder is the tool you need to build a list. Your subscriber inputs their details and they are opted in to your list. You can use the code generated here on your Adkreator squeeze page to increase your list numbers. The more the merrier.

Surfing can be done in a normal browser like Chrome, or you can use a browser designed for surfing like  TEBrowser which is quicker. The Legacy Team Coop means you can surf the Traffic exchanges that you use and like but your pages get shown all around the TEs you don't use as well.

Some people say that some TEs are better than others. The following sites use different methods to find out what TEs are the best: Affiliate Funnel, TeHooplaTrafficDeliveryReport, TrafficExchangelist etc.

Blogger/ Wordpress are free to use and you can make a name for yourself online and make your own personal website or blog.

Other useful tools include Dropbox for storage, Skype for information sharing and for being social and Webpage Screenshot.

This is by no means an extensive list of tools but with these few you can do so much.

Have fun building (your brand)
Kris Rogers

P.S. I have added some new links to the top of the page with some more sites I recommend. Join any of these sites and let me know so I can put YOUR banner under the Sign-up box.

Want a list of sites with CTP Badges? Its also a great Downline Builder!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Take me to thy Leader!

Since joining a team at Click Track Profit I have come to realise that leadership is an essential quality. With anyone, not just the Team Leader. A team doesn't have to be made up of ONE dictator but can have many advisors and then there are people that just DO (surf)! But one essential quality that a leader has is to be available.

Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this. If I became a leader I would be the type to listen to my group, then make a decision! I like getting feedback. Leaders have to have the guts to get up and take charge in the first place. They guide, direct, control and have the final say and the only control to direct the group. 

The CTP Teams leaders all  have this power. Its called "what's in the best interests of the team?" Sometimes it involves the hard decision of kicking the weakest player off the team. It may just happen. I know some teams already do this. I have taken a leader role within this team called Crazy Cats People because I like to keep people informed and so I decided to start the team blog. I want to create excitement and some activity and revitalise the team if I can. To become more of a team is the aim, and some of the shyer members to participate. This is a way I can help the team. I'm not the greatest surfer so this is my contribution. A big thank you to my co-contributor Wendy Chen who I am getting to know really well on the team. She also lives in a similar timezone to me which helps communication.

So this blog post is dedicated to all 46 team leaders! You must be Kore4 upgraded to start a team. Good on you and I wish them the best of luck at making those hard decisions this week! Here are a list of the dedicated people with a link to their profile page. Drop by and say hello to them! Heck, even ask to join their team. Joining a team may be the best thing you have done online. There is plenty of room for everyone to be on a team. Everyone has a part to play. Think about the branding.

Order of teams (leader names clickable) as at 9/6/14 at 5:30am EST.

CashSurfing Network Team 1- Eric Goettman
Surfaholics Alpha- Matt Badura
Crazy Cat People- Nathan LaPlante
Dream Team- Mary Goble Thomas
Empower World Team- Rosita Maasch
Lucky13- Tom Wacker
Bonz Brigade- William Miller II
Surfaholics Bravo- Jennifer Washburn 
CTP Masters- Nick Grimshawe 
Dr Kelps Racers- Grant Goodman aka Dr Kelp 
Wake Up Now- Marian Gurowicz 
Kore4- Gary Waters 
Indulge Yourself- Russell Stockley
Affiliate Prosperity- Martin Webster
TERacing League- Robert Arnold
#ovendogs- Richard Arblaster 
Plus One everyday- Serge Cote 
The C.T.P Renegades- David McKay 
Surf To Earn- Thomas Walls
Lions- Jose Perada
Nerdbirds- Barbara DelGiudice
Team Green- Mike Edmondson 
Passing The Leaders- Jim and Kristi Hall
UFO Hits- Terry Grieve
WealthBuilders- Evelyn Kramer
Cash Surfing Network- Team 2- Marcus Wahl
HomeRun Hitters- Janelle Pineau
Life Timer- Dualberto Brito 
Anime Art- Jeffrey Ballesteros
the BEGINNERS and TEAM Members- Patsy j Payne
Pure Leveragers- Stephen Hall
The Founders!- Larry Dame 3
Emporia Systems- Eric Abott
Expats- John Priestly
Team Freedom- Michael Freed
Go MORTS- Peter Mortimer
Nerd Surfers- Linda C Brand
Stinkin Badge Owners- Randy Sult
Grasshoppers- Sean Branagan 
MeteoricRise- Allen Willmann
Country Music Fan- Scott Kimmes
Crazy Surfers- Popescu Alexandru
Veteran Surf- Marie Perrelet
A team- James Hazzard
Brejoy- Brenda Shaylor

Until next time
Kris Rogers