Monday, 18 August 2014

Finding the time: Managing offline versus online time

If time flies away where does it go to?- Kris Rogers

I am not very good at time management. I missed that lecture at University and failed to read the handout they gave but boy I wish I took notice now. I would guess the information would be about prioritizing your tasks, whether they be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, if there is such a thing.

My offline time is usually family oriented as I don't have an offline job. I can't sit down for long periods of time because of back issues. So during an ordinary day I combine work around the house with my surfing. I hardly ever sit/stand still for very long. But when I am up and about I generally carry my Ipad tablet with me. Lately, my son has been playing table tennis most nights of the week so I surf and watch him at the same time. Even if I go to an appointment I can surf. Who wants to read tabloid news in the waiting room magazines anyway?

I have a daily "To Do" list which I set up on Google Calendar to keep me focused. I use Traffic Browser when I know I will be at my computer for an extended period of time. Distractions such as Skype, email, Facebook and Twitter sometimes eat into my time but I then focus on my to do list. When I know I am going well with my time, I write a daily blog post to "The Strays" Click Track Profit team that I belong to.
We are currently recruiting so please apply to join us. Most of my priorities revolve around this team and I'm having so much fun making friends with people from all over the world.

A typical day for me would be from midnight EST (my 1:30pm) start the Daily Challenge until my bedtime with the other sites in my to do list surfed also. I usually start the larger tasks ASAP, with the smaller tasks I surf also. For example Sweeva is a small task I complete and surf 10 sites there a day. I have a small lunch break at 1:30pm and get stuck into the challenge and read emails. I may watch a T.V program while I surf. Then the kids come home from school or I pick them up. While I'm waiting for them in the car I use my phone to surf ;) May be only a few pages but I hate wasting time. When the kids are home I can't surf as much because I talk to my kids about their day or I'm just doing a few household chores. I'm teaching the kids to help out a lot more. I'm constantly switching between the computer and house hold tasks. It's a socially quiet part of the day online. So if I have some online project to do I start this also.

Around dinner time I take more offline breaks than online as its mayhem time, or I'm getting ready to go out, but I am generally checking emails, Skype or Facebook. I also check I'm on track in the Promoters contests I have entered for the week and adjust credits as required. While I'm eating dinner I watch some more T.V online and surf on my tablet. Most of my surfing is done in my evening either while watching table tennis or at home when the kids are off to bed. So I get quiet time in the last few hours of the day before bed about midnight or a bit after if my to do list looks neglected. My online friends are usually online at this time so it can be hectic socially. I usually have my tablet with me in bed and surf til the very end....

I'm not a morning person. I'm a sleep in person who requires about 9 hours sleep to keep away the afternoon headache the following day. I get really tired and cranky by mid afternoon if I don't get sleep. Just ask my family! This can lead to me feeling physically ill by late evening. So depending on my bedtime the night before I'm usually up and about about 9am-11am. My kids are old enough to get themselves ready and walk to school which is close by. I check my emails and continue with the days tasks which is usually finishing the Daily Challenge if I feel I can/will do this. Otherwise, if I know I have shopping or an appointment I cut my losses and stay at Tier 4 to finish what I can and do the Strays blog post hopefully before reset at CTP. If I have spare time I do more household/ offline tasks and open a few vaults at CTP.

Time management is more about organizing your online activities,  its not just about the surfing part, to be more efficient. Just like Traffic Browser is a good way to surf, TECommandPost is good for organisation. You can find all those credits/ banners/ commissions in one place. This benefits my promoters contests and promotions I want to do. Being online is something I enjoy. However, remember there are also enjoyable things to do offline as well with family and friends. Enjoy life!

Speaking of special promotions has anyone noticed the new tab above on the header of this blog? Has anyone seen this splash page? Hmm. Something is a buzz?

Until next time
Kris Rogers