Thursday, 29 January 2015

From surfer to owner: What you need to know before you leap

What a big jump it has been! One that I feel I have transitioned into nicely if I can say so myself.

Surfing is a solo effort. You are not known to anyone. You don't even need a picture of yourself to start. Most people will stay at this stage.


However, to progress to being owner of a program I suggest going to the next phase, networking. Join programs like Click Track Profit, CashSurfingNetwork, or many other community online groups. Get to know people. This will NOT happen overnight. Allow at least a year to settle in to the community and learn as much as you can. It took me a year just to show a picture of myself online. I was worried about identity and very shy. But with a real picture of yourself people can identify you and get to know you and what you are about. Identity is important. It's your brand and image. All you are and do is linked to this one image. It's your icon.


Networking then can start through interacting with others. Chat. Join teams. Be social! Joining a team was one of the biggest steps for me online besides getting my profile picture out there. You get to know fellow team-mates, set common goals, exchange ideas etc. Perhaps become a team leader like I have. Opening a Facebook, Skype, and Twitter account also helps communication.


Start blogging and create a following by building your list. In that way people can follow your progress. People also can get to know you through your blog.

Be creative and think outside the box. Being creative and loving new ideas and concepts are great assets to include in your repertoire. The ability to learn new skill sets is another one.


Create a business name (your domain name) will cost you money. Try to get a dot com ending if you can. I use GoDaddy (Use code: WOWFR4U for 35% off) to buy domains. Find a hosting site also. Be prepared for the things that WILL cost money. Spending money is the first step to making some! Some other associated costs with a traffic exchange are: buying a script licence, Paypal fees, a graphics package so you have a nice design on your site, any extra features to your site you may want to buy, and then there is advertising....


After setting it all up there are changes to do, support tickets to answer, promos to run, sales packages to make. The fun never stops! However, I chose to not do all this alone though. This halves the prices of things but the profits are also shared. If you go down this road, to make sure things are shared, you can keep track of spending in a spreadsheet that both can share online. Google Drive has many online documents you can create and edit and share together for this purpose.


Best things to do next is GET OUT THERE. Advertise! Track your advertising. Make your own advertising pages through a site like Adkreator. Email your list often. I decided to use a separate autoresponder to have a "special list" who opt-in for special bonus offers and promos. I use this separate autoreponder because it is just easier to use and and I can have the email sent at a specific day/time. And yes advertising can sometimes cost money too.


By the way the site I am discussing is Rewards4Surfing. A big thank you to all that have helped me in this journey that I continue to take.