Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Banners anyone?

Banner advertising is a little underrated sometimes. Yet have a look at any website with a large following and I am sure you will see at least one strategically placed.

Here is the clever part....Banners sometimes DON'T have to be looked at or clicked to help you generate advertising for YOUR website! Let's hope they will be though :) Just include a small piece of code on your website and join a banner coop. There you go, free advertising for you at other websites all over the internet. If you scroll right to the bottom of this blog page you will see two banners. This is an example of sites with banner coops that I have just discovered.

1) Join a program with a banner exchange like TrafficG and Bucket of Banners.
2) Copy and paste some code on your website or blog.
3) For each view of someone elses banner on your site you get views to your banner

Happy banner-coop-ing!
Kris Rogers

PS. Thanks Angel Valenciano for the banner exchange idea!