Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Been busy hunting, and clicking, and joining

Wow, what a busy June I just had. If you have heard of Click Track Profit (I will write a blog about it some day), then you understand. CTP as people call it, is the best thing to join when you start becoming an internet marketer.


CTP had a month long promotion where 240 badges were scattered over the traffic exchange industry by people who bought them and certain tasks had to be performed to gain them. Hey, $500 for first prize was the catch. I could only manage 204. Some badges were loaded with 50 cent prizes also. I won $5 over the month. I thought that total was great effort on my behalf and the people I got them from must have been thrilled as well. I'll explain.....


I think I clicked and joined more websites than I ever had before. I joined over ten new traffic exchanges and safelists (not my forte). What a bonus for traffic exchange owners to have extra people join their sites and surf more than they would normally do to get the required badge. If CTP did anything like this again I would buy a badge to promote my sites. Well done CTP for your promotion ideas. The Hunt took a lot of my time to get the badges, as well as money to upgrade at some to get a quicker timer. I'm sorry but I'm not a fan of 10 second timers. If people upgrade this timer usually decreases.