Monday, 27 January 2014

Advertising your Blog

I hit a bit of a road block last week with the retirement of Net Marketing Forum. There was a great section where people could post their link to a new blog post they had written. Over time, I realised this became my favorite site for finding new blog posts to read. 

I'm sorry I just have to continue this great service. After searching for groups on Facebook for blogs I couldn't find many. So I made up my own. To all of you who blog I would be honored if you could join my FaceBook group and post your link. The criteria: its for all those who love net marketing. You can follow me FreeRewards4u HERE on FaceBook and my new blog on FaceBook loosely called "FreeBlogAdverts4u" HERE!

It is hard to know where to put your Blog links. You need to get a list for people to know you have a new post. Its Catch 22 almost. You can easily put your blog link in TEs or PTC but its not the same. You get your face out there of course but blogs are generally slow loading. EasyHits4U has a longer timer which may help. People who surf really don't have time to stay and read. They just want the next credit or penny. But where do we get that list from to begin with?? It's easy to put up a link but a lot harder to get subscribers who will get notified of future posts.

For me I have a website called FreeRewards4U. I started with building a list there. I have a link to this blog there also. In every newsletter I send out I have the link. 

I promote in a great TE called Traffic Swirl. There is a section you can Sign Up for Tasks to complete to get Tokens. 

There have also been great incentive programs such as Bills Birthday Badge Hunt inside Click Track Profit which occurs every so often to help. Fun! I have done some blog posts about the badge hunts. 

Post in Forums with your blog being a "signature" where allowed. Some Skype rooms may also allow links to be broadcast. Perhaps make a splash/ squeeze page to promote a blog? Adkreator is a gem! That's the next step for me so I can advertise on a TE. So watch out for me everywhere soon! I just have a YouTube video to do.

The point: when it comes to advertising your Blog Posts we have to be a bit more inventive when it comes to advertising. Perhaps work a little harder to get our list to grow.  Slow and steady. Blogs are harder to promote initially but when a large list is created it becomes easier because you already have eager people to blog to. An autoresponder like Rocket Responder  makes list building easier to manage. Please comment on ways you promote your blogs!

Happy blogging and reading everyone
Kris Rogers

PS. A Reminder that any program you join from the links on this blog will give you FREE unlimited advertising. Subscribers only. Remember I will be promoting this Blog BIG really soon! Don't miss out!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Endure till the end

"Sometimes we have to endure things we don't want to but keep in mind in the end the effort will be worth it." This was posted to my Facebook wall by myself to keep my spirits up while I'm in recovery mode. I've just had a sinus operation and I'm still in a bit of pain and have fatigue. I'm so blessed to have a caring family who can look after me. 

This post is a reminder to all of us that not everything goes as planned and things can only get better from here. We have to keep our eye on our goals and be an elite athlete in our field. Endurance means to outlast and to go on our journey whatever befall us. The end being when we reach our goals and aspirations. You can view another related blog post from Tom Wacker here.

Sometimes there are obstacles in our way and these are a part of the endurance race. These can be physical pain (where I am right now), getting frustrated at not doing the things you would like through lack of funds, no tweet replies (am I invisible), criticism, getting little recognition (I'm getting there), not many Facebook friends wishing me a swift recovery etc. These can be detrimental to my cause but I have learnt to not take things personally. These are niceties but not necessary we can still move forward.

The point I would like to touch on is criticism. Especially the constructive type. Thank you to Richard Arblaster for this topic. You can view his blog post hereSo what do these points have in common? Sometimes getting constructive criticism is a part of our race and journey towards our end goal. It can help us learn, grow and develop our skills that help us reach our goal. However, sometimes it's welcome and sometimes its not.

However, we in turn have to be able to help others and if you say something is good and it isn't not only does that say you aren't truthful but how does the other person gain anything from the experience. If you see anything wrong with what I do let me know, I want to grow and learn. I won't be offended. The problem is too many people take offence at too little. That's life these days.

My point being don't be offended people probably aren't attacking you as a person. Some examples are "put a picture up" as an avatar. Hint: Gravatar can help. Don't get on your high horse and think its a personal criticism. People are saying that for your benefit. Just go and do it. There are reasons for branding. Some really good places to start for branding yourself are Brand Me Tool and Click Track Profit. If someone puts out a poor blog post make some suggestions for a better way to construct it. Helping people is free but it rewards yourself also. Remember the connections that you make online are priceless. 

Hope to be back on my feet soon. :)

Just letting you know I will send out a special email sometime soon to explain the details of "Put your banner here". Just look to the right column under the subscriber box. Would you like your banner there? Valid for subscribers only.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Secrets of the Successful Downline Builders

Referrals are what we call your downline. Downline building is a integral part of internet and affiliate marketing.  Its like having a list of sites to promote but using only one link. Its a brilliant concept and generally works. "Build and grow a downline MADE EASY" is what you hear everywhere. It saves time and effort. I love Downline Builders (DB). This type of marketing is my favorite but it can produce disappointing results.

The idea that you want people to join under your link and be your referral, in a DB, is that we get the benefits, right? Well not exactly. Lets turn that on its head right now. When we promote a Downline builder, or any affiliate type program we are looking for referrals but to to see a benefit for them as well as ours. Promote why it is good for THEM to join. Not why WE want them to join. That's why I don't understand the use of promoting referral contests. Whats in it for them not us. Three examples immediately spring to mind. Click Track Profit, Free TE Credits and TE Browser.

CTP (ClickTrackProfit)
If there's only one downline builder you join it has to be Click Track Profit. Comes with lots of training in a easy to understand step by step format. Did I mention they will pay you $1 to sign up and you can earn money as you surf with Money Badges?

 Go to Click Track Profit

Also Nerdsurfing where you surf several sites at the same time gives you more credits per click at the traffic exchanges. I like to promote the splash page which shows the $1 to join. There are lots of exciting things to promote for CTP. Because CTP is an exciting place to be. What can be done to promote participation? The best downline builders let you communicate with your downline via email or Private Messaging. CTP is really big on communication.


It's one of the most effective downline builders in the Traffic Exchange Industry!  Get over 1500 credits for FREE here!

There is also the incentive with the Weekly Cash Surf Promo where you can win $10 for 1st prize each week! Another great incentive to join this site.

Traffic Browser

If you want to surf many traffic exchanges at once efficiently then download this browser. It's FREE! TrafficBrowser is a unique browser designed especially to surf and manage your growing list of Traffic Exchanges.  This extraordinary software is designed to earn you more credits in less time using your favorite TE’s by switching to a new tab every time you click.  TrafficBrowser is equipped with tons of new features that makes your surfing experience smoother when surfing Traffic Exchanges such as,popup blockers, power surf tabs, timer tabs and volume controls, to name a few.  This traffic exchange software also helps you to build your referral list to your existing TE’s from our website and from the every referral in your down line who uses this software.  That means the people you refer will have your referral id’s and signup under you from the comfort of their desktop computer.

Banner 8  Blue with Box Surf all your favorite TEs

We strive to promote at our best and for referrals but it doesn't always happen. People may join up to the DB and never join any program in it. This may be because they are already a member of the programs involved. There should be no dead links (links that don't work) and dying programs should be pruned and let go (deleted).

Some Traffic Exchanges also have a DB built in to it. Look for the Downline Builder link within. Once you join a Traffic Exchange don't forget to add your affiliate links to their DB. If you don't then when you refer someone who signs up they will go to your upline's downline.

There are many more good Downline Builders. You can view them HERE!

Good luck with your online adventures. Happy clicking!
Kris Rogers

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