Monday, 27 January 2014

Advertising your Blog

I hit a bit of a road block last week with the retirement of Net Marketing Forum. There was a great section where people could post their link to a new blog post they had written. Over time, I realised this became my favorite site for finding new blog posts to read. 

I'm sorry I just have to continue this great service. After searching for groups on Facebook for blogs I couldn't find many. So I made up my own. To all of you who blog I would be honored if you could join my FaceBook group and post your link. The criteria: its for all those who love net marketing. You can follow me FreeRewards4u HERE on FaceBook and my new blog on FaceBook loosely called "FreeBlogAdverts4u" HERE!

It is hard to know where to put your Blog links. You need to get a list for people to know you have a new post. Its Catch 22 almost. You can easily put your blog link in TEs or PTC but its not the same. You get your face out there of course but blogs are generally slow loading. EasyHits4U has a longer timer which may help. People who surf really don't have time to stay and read. They just want the next credit or penny. But where do we get that list from to begin with?? It's easy to put up a link but a lot harder to get subscribers who will get notified of future posts.

For me I have a website called FreeRewards4U. I started with building a list there. I have a link to this blog there also. In every newsletter I send out I have the link. 

I promote in a great TE called Traffic Swirl. There is a section you can Sign Up for Tasks to complete to get Tokens. 

There have also been great incentive programs such as Bills Birthday Badge Hunt inside Click Track Profit which occurs every so often to help. Fun! I have done some blog posts about the badge hunts. 

Post in Forums with your blog being a "signature" where allowed. Some Skype rooms may also allow links to be broadcast. Perhaps make a splash/ squeeze page to promote a blog? Adkreator is a gem! That's the next step for me so I can advertise on a TE. So watch out for me everywhere soon! I just have a YouTube video to do.

The point: when it comes to advertising your Blog Posts we have to be a bit more inventive when it comes to advertising. Perhaps work a little harder to get our list to grow.  Slow and steady. Blogs are harder to promote initially but when a large list is created it becomes easier because you already have eager people to blog to. An autoresponder like Rocket Responder  makes list building easier to manage. Please comment on ways you promote your blogs!

Happy blogging and reading everyone
Kris Rogers

PS. A Reminder that any program you join from the links on this blog will give you FREE unlimited advertising. Subscribers only. Remember I will be promoting this Blog BIG really soon! Don't miss out!


Ken Wolff said...

Hi Kris! Thank you for sharing! I am thrilled to run into someone who thinks like I do. I love giving value to other people. I see that in your blog. People helping people. I love it. ;-)

Kris Rogers said...

Thanks Ken, appreciate the comment! Looking forward to swapping notes!