Monday, 7 April 2014

Click Track Profit is Rewarding

Click Track Profit would have to be my favorite website for learning the ways of net marketing. It is FREE to join! You get $1 for signing up. It is useful for beginners as well as advanced affiliate marketers. Did you know there are over 101 thousand members now and still growing? A part of its appeal may be because it is fun and they reward you.
The Nerd sites are the basis for many of these rewards and I suggest you join them. By surfing at least 4 at one time you also get extra credits!

Nerd sites: Sweeva, StartXchange, ILoveHits, Thumbvu, Surf Skeleton, SiteExplosion, LegacyHits, and TopHits4u.



Surf in the TEs listed under the SUB GAME and collect a mine. There are 4 to collect. They appear at about 35-37 page views. Find this...

Which leads to this page....

After the 4 mines are collected this screen appears....

Click the blank squares to find as many green squares as possible. Each being 1 cent. Yes, real money is added to your commissions.


Surf the TEs under each vault to unlock the vault.  There are only 2 sites to surf for each vault. The key appears at about 77 pages surfed.

Find a page similar to this......

Once the vault is open you can win a reward, perhaps even 25 cents. There are many other "Goodies" you can win also.


Collect the badges for these:  This is one example...

Badges are found randomly while surfing the Nerd sites. There is one prize card called the Friendzy card that you can only collect the pieces if they are shared with you. Collect friends at CTP also! Mini prize cards are bought with tokens at the Goodies page. Once a card is completed you get to spin the Prize wheel!

A JACKPOT lets you spin the MONEY WHEEL!


Who doesn't love loyalty programs? Find out more information here

A Tim Tech (owners of CTP) Email quote:

For every dollar you spend at one of our sites, you earn 7 rewards points. As they accumulate, you’ll be able to exchange them in for awesome prizes, products, upgrades, credits & more!

Earn Rewards Points by making purchases at these sites: RocketResponderListnerdsClickTrackProfitILoveHitsStartXchangeSweeva

Until next time,
Kris Rogers

P.S Don't forget if you join any of the sites I have mentioned here and at the recommended sites list on the right then you get free promotion under the subscribe box. For subscribers only.