Downline Builders

No website of your own? Here is a list of GREAT downline builders for you to promote if you do not have your own website. Referrals are your downline and you need these to help you on your online journey towards earning extra money.

If there's only one downline builder you join it has to be Click Track Profit. Comes with lots of training in a easy to understand step by step format. Did I mention they will pay you  $1 to sign up and you can earn money as you surf with Money Badges?

Want a downline builder for all those CTP badge sites??? You found it!

If you want to surf many traffic exchanges at once efficiently then download this browser. It's FREE! TrafficBrowser is a unique browser designed especially to surf and manage your growing list of Traffic Exchanges.  This extraordinary software is designed to earn you more credits in less time using your favorite TE’s by switching to a new tab every time you click.  TrafficBrowser is equipped with tons of new features that makes your surfing experience smoother when surfing Traffic Exchanges such as, popup blockers, power surf tabs, timer tabs and volume controls, to name a few.  This traffic exchange software also helps you to build your referral list to your existing TE’s from our website and from the every referral in your down line who uses this software.  That means the people you refer will have your referral id’s and signup under you from the comfort of their desktop computer.

Earn $12 here now! Get $1 a day plus for surfing these six sites! Launch them instantly now!
Earn up to 50% commissions just for sharing this site with your friends and family. Build your downline in the process to the top ranks PTC online today!

FreeTECredits is not actually a Traffic Exchange, but a Downline Builder...  and not just any downline builder.  It's one of the most effective downline builders in the Traffic Exchange Industry!  Get over 1500 credits for FREE here!

A group of 5 traffic exchanges with Daily Cash & Credit Prizes! Join Big Beach hits to get THIS SPLASH PAGE and input YOUR referral ids. 

TE BOOKS is a free tool to help you promote several eBooks. All completely FREE to download and read and you can put in your own referral links.

Go Commando today and earn extra credits as you go! Your mission here is to earn more for your clicks. This will be accomplished by surfing the three main exchanges that are part of Command Surf, Traffic-Splash, Tezak Traffic Power, and Dragon Surf. There will also be other guests participating so you will be able to earn extra at more than just the main three.

Traffic Exchange List is a ranking service that monitors statistics across hundreds of exchanges and ranks them based on the data collected. Unlike other ranking services the rankings are 100% automated and based on large quantities of data, not opinion. The rankings are free of charge to anyone interested in viewing them.

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Maria said...

Hi Kris!

I'm trying to find out what is the best TE for me.
I'm trying to gain leads for my websites and TE mainly just gives me impressions instead of clicks or leads for affiliate marketing sites I have.

Do you know what I can use to earn leads?

Here is one of my sites: and

Any advice??