Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tips for Rewards Central

Hi everyone, particularly those from Australia at this stage because I 'm still talking about Rewards Central for now. I forgot to mention yesterday that there are some ways to earn money the quickest.

Firstly, you must log in everyday and morning if possible. The websites to click on to get points must have a quota because I find there are rarely any by afternoon.

Lastly, there is a competition "Win a share of $10, 000". You get entries by shopping, reading email or surveys. However, I found out another way to earn the entries! Under the "Earn" tab then "Quick survey" you will find if there are no Quick surveys to do on the opening page then clicking this link will not get you points but entries instead. Still better than nothing.

Rewards Central is the first thing I go to on the computer in the morning.

Another thing to do is "ebank" your points if your still afar off getting your 3000 odd points. For as long as you can to get the most interest. 100 points is the minimum to bank.  If you withdraw your points early you get penalised. Try to have the points mature at roughly the same time. Points cannot be in the bank to cash out.

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