Friday, 19 June 2015

The Result are IN!

What a busy 2 weeks it has been! But so worth it! Badge hunts are all about the connections and list building and surfing and I am sure I fulfilled these requirements. This time was also about team work and sharing strategy. Thank you Team Phoenix I think we did rather well there also.

I knew that my time would be limited in badge hunting as I have 7 badges to give out to people so this time I made it simple to collect my personal badge. Simply either subscribe to this blog or join a program from a list of sites or bribe me with some CTP goodies!


I collected 176 badges myself.
Won $1 under the badges, and XP too numerous to mention.
Gained 65 new subscribers.
8 new referrals to programs.
27 XP batteries
90 CTP tokens

It did cost some money to buy a badge but I am happy with the result and will buy at least 1 badge for the next one! Plus, its just plain FUN!