Saturday, 30 May 2015

Its Bills Badgehunt Time

Click Track Profit are again hosting a badgehunt where many people have bought badges for you to find. This is a great time to be a part of a CTP team.
The person who collects the most badge hunt badges will receive a $500 cash prize! if it's a tie, we'll split the prize amongst the top collectorsOn top of that during the event we'll be giving out tons of XP randomly when members collect the badges! We'll also be giving out cool prizes to the teams that collect the most badges as a team!
There is more information HERE at the ctpteams blog. Which also states:
When I say epic I mean there are 240 badges will be up for grabs, a huge $500 top cash prize, multiple random cash giveaways and millions upon millions of CTP XP to be found during the 2 weeks of the hunt.
OK so you are here to find out a way or ways to receive my badge?
It looks like this: and is badge 155:

Oh, you can't claim it yet you have to subscribe to the blog! See that box to the right which says "Subscribe to FreeRewards4uBlog"? Fill in your details and CONFIRM your email address. In a couple of days a badge code will arrive to your email address you signed up with.

Easy as that! What? You are already a subscriber? Look out for emails from me for ways to get my badge.

Good luck in the hunt!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Claim your Ca$H here!

Want a nice way to earn some commissions? Some traffic exchanges have an incentive to get you to surf. Try Surfer Rewards and/ or Special Promos. Surfer Rewards can be claimed EVERY day and some give CASH after surfing the required amount of pages. Special promos are joint promotions with at least 2 Traffic exchanges. You will have to surf BOTH these exchanges the required amount to claim the reward/cash.

The following is a video I have put together to show you how its done!

By the way if you are interested Rewards4Surfing and Magic Of Traffic have a promo together the 3rd Monday of every month. Claim 10 cents at BOTH sites when you surf 150 at each site.
Go get that money!
Kris Rogers