Saturday, 17 August 2013

Its Raining referrals

This is no joke. It is raining referrals for me. I've recently been listening to the Spreecasts of Jon Olson and he highly recommends this site to advertise in. The program which I am talking about is called Nerdbux:

Has anyone tried to get Sweeva referrals? I resorted to advertising CTP and Sweeva in tandem at TEs everywhere for these. I needed 5 referrals for the Sweeva Mastery Badge at CTP. This was my motivation to advertise. I bought tonnes of credits everywhere for NIL results. I had to try something else. 

Ok, here are my stats. First, before anything else you have to load money into Nerdbux to use.

At first I advertised in the NerdGrid for $5 a month and got this many hits for the month: 7720. I currently have two other ads there as well with similar stats. So if you want lots of views with a few referrals then this sort of advertising is for you.

However, I then heard Jon talking about the PTC section. So I tried it. This is the section that people click on to get money. Not random rewards, if any, like the NerdGrid. People WILL click on your ad to get money. PTC ads run on how many views you want. For example, 1000 credits means you will get 1000 views. This advertising starts at only $2.40 for 1000 views. You can also target the audience based on country for no extra. It also slows the delivery of ads down a bit which is good. 

The fixed PTC are based on how many days you want your ad to show. They also show a thumb nail of your advertisement. 

OK back to my stats for the PTC section. After purchase you can then load your ad and verify it. Then ALLOCATE how many credits you want to use. They will go down fast if no geographical targeting enabled. 3337 / 28 The first number being the number of views so far and the second number being freebies when people are not logged in. I used a and got heaps of conversions (clicks) on my ads. 0.62% conversion rate. This is great when compared with TEs. I advertised the various splashes for CTP as a rotator and this is the average rate.

For the finale:.....12 CTP referrals today alone. 28 referrals for various programs over 3 days BUT I wasn't loading my credits fast enough so there were times they weren't showing. I got my Sweeva referrals finally. Not to mention some are active and using the programs they joined. 

It's exciting waking up and wondering how many referrals I got during the night. I can't recommend Nerdbux enough to advertise in.

Until next time
Kris Rogers (freerewards4u)