Monday, 19 October 2015

Reading the Results

Now for the followup to my last blog regarding the ClickTrackProfit Plus1 BadgeHunt.

This time I had to do things a little different. I bought less badges, only 3 and really concentrated my time on them. Alas, I had to think outside the box a bit as one of the weeks I would be taking my son to the Australian National Junior Table Tennis Championships so a daily drive of over an hour each way was going to take a big chunk of my time.

Luckily, I knew this is advance and bought only buy 3 badges. Ok, what did people have to do to receive their badgehunt badges?

For my personal badge I concentrated on this blog. All new subscribers got the link on day 2 or 3. If they were already subscribed they could either join under a program as my referral from a set list or send me CTP XP batteries or tokens. All results are for during the dates of the BadgeHunt. Results are below:

New subscribers: 46
Referrals to programs: 5
Tokens: 30 plus
XP batteries: 30 plus

For people that like to monetize that: It cost me $25 for a badge.
At CTP every 10 tokens costs $1 to buy. Tokens: $3 back
XP batteries cost 10 tokens to buy 1: cost 300 tokens to buy 30 XP batteries. 300 tokens to buy cost: $30
I have made a profit "in theory" without taking into consideration the subscribers and referrals.

The other badges are for my 2 Traffic exchanges I co-own. For both badges people had the option to purchase for the badge for each TE.
MoneymakersXchange is a new TE so we just needed referrals and surfers. The best thing we decided to do was have people surf the site for the badge. Nice and easy to set up also.
New members : 76
Sales: Over $100.
For Rewards4Surfing this is the 2nd time it has been involved in a badgehunt. I rotated the ideas from the last badgehunt depending on how much time I had. So I asked for Facebook likes (I got 14 in one day). The R4S skype room: 2 new members, surfing etc
New members: 70
Sales: Over $200

Also, I can't believe I made it into the Top 75 to win cash PLUS my CTP team won also! That's $10 back so far! 128 badges I personally collected. Out of a possible 181.

In conclusion, another successful ClickTrackProfit badgehunt which will help any program owner with their promotions, affiliate or a blogger like myself. A highly recommended promotion tool!