Sunday, 30 December 2012

Traffic Swirl


I'm in shock. I though I'd never so this again. I actually paid money for an upgrade. I had done this in the past with one website but alas shortly after it went out of business. BURNT! I couldn't pass up this upgrade though, and it's for a lifetime..or however long the site lasts for! I have looked into the admin carefully this time and others have also commented about him. Here are others' thoughts ..HERE and when it began HERE and on Blogging for networking it states:

Traffic Swirl is one of the most active traffic exchanges. It is really popular and its ranking is always at the top. Very active site with hundred of surfers at any time 24 hours, 7 days a week. Traffic Swirl is very generous in it’s contests, games, and other add on that you will enjoy. There is also a chat box where you can literally contact active surfers and socialize. You can plug in your Facebook and Twitter status on your Traffic Swirl home page. It is really good place to promote your site.

John Bell has a blog that he keeps people informed with updates. He is available in the chat often and in his profile section you can message him. This is the best chat box I've found. The people who are "Swirlers" are very active and surfing is never dull because of this.

Did I mention that every day of the week is a new game. Also, these change from time to time as well.

Cash Money Monday
Win up to Cash Prizes Every Monday on the Swirly Paws board game

Treasure TuesdayShare Treasure Chests and Keys with Your Friends while Surfing on Tuesdays! Use a key on a chest and open it for lots of different prizes including cash!

Traffic Swirl Surf Party Wednesday
Every Week we are joined by two other traffic exchanges for the Traffic Swirl Surf Party! Unlock a piece of your Surf Party Card by surfing at each site, unlock all three pieces to win a prize!

Thunderous Thursday
Random Lightning Bonuses Awarded to Surfers All Day Thursday!

Friday Funday!
Our Four most Popular Games ALL in One Day!

Secret Agent Saturday
An upgraded surfer is picked at random to be the Secret Agent, other members will try and guess who the secret agent is. If you choose correctly, you win the prize, if not, the Secret Agent wins!

Shell Game Sunday!
Our take on the standard Shell game, select the shell with a green ball underneath to win, keep going to increase your prize level or play it safe and take your current prize, who knows what you could win!

There are several other ways to earn money.
Rapid Win.

Every 5 Minutes a Square is randomly selected, if you own that square, you will win one of the Jackpots!

Daily Rewards.

Surf 50 or more pages and earn a Reward Point and a random prize. Reward points can be redeemed for permanently increased surf ratio, credits, team surfs, and referrals.

Top Promoter Bonus 

Each week the top promoters get the prize pot split between them and added to their commissions. You will get a share of the bonus if you have had more than 1,000 views to your splash pages. The more people who participate, the larger the prize pot becomes.

Weekly Ticket Drawing

Every 100 pages you surf this week awards you one ticket. At the end of the week a ticket will be drawn to win $5 Cash & 1,000 credits. Free members can collect a maximum ot 50 tickets per week, Upgraded members can get 100.

Monthly Top Referral Contest The top referrer of each month will win a free LIFETIME PRO Upgrade! If there is a tie, one winner will be selected at random.

Those who refer 5 or more Active members each month will share a $100 Cash Prize Pot, the more referrals you get, the more you earn!
AND MORE......

Swirly Paws Board Game Bonus
Every page you surf has a chance of activating the Swirly Paws Board Game Bonus. Move Swirly Paws around the board for chances to win credits Monday through Friday!

Team Surfing
Join a surf team, if your surf team ranks in the top five for the week, every member of your team gets $1 Cash and 250 Credits!


Over 150 Winners will Win a share of Over $350 Cash! Over 3,500 Reward Points! And Over 35,000 Credits! Earn Tournament Tokens by outsurfing your competitor each day. The winner will win a randomly determined amount of tokens, the loser will have 10 tokens deducted from their total. Your final ranking will determine which Color Prize you win.

Reward points

Reward points are earned from achievments and surfing. Convert your Reward Points for bonuses which include referrals!

Thats an extensive list isn't it! Thats why I've chosen to become PRO. Even more chances to earn more as well as a surf timer of 6 seconds with surfing ratio 1:1. As well as greater commissions from referrals. What are you waiting for join now and receive 500 credits and $1.

Saturday, 8 December 2012



This is the other paid to click program that I belong to. Personally, I don't consider it to be as good as ClixSense only for the fact there aren't as many .5 to 1 cent listings to click on. However, there are many more .01 cent clicks to view. The one cent ads are in the "standard exposure" section.

This program is good in the sense that for every ad you click on you get a "bonus pack". This is 3 ad prizes that accumulate and you can win prizes. You have 90 minutes to click the "ad prizes" or you lose them.

Also, on offer at this website are Neopoints, NeoCoins and MiniJobs.

Neopoints can be gained by viewing videos or entering competitions, or joining websites. If you share these videos then you get NeoPoints as well. NeoCoins are gained by buying things or doings surveys etc. With Mini Jobs you earn cash by doing certain things on the internet like searches and finding information on websites.

Neobux also has a forum and chat. You can also rent referrals for a month with your earnings. Initial cashout is $2.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Paid to Click Sites

I'm a member of only two paid to click sites. I think maybe later if another good one comes along I might join. They have to be paying with a low payout amount. There are many non payers out there and I am very wary of many. I look at sites like etc for such information, alternatively, Google it! Please feel free to leave a comment of a good paying site for me to join in the future.


This is my favourite paid to click site at the moment.

The highest paid to click is 2 cents and lowest is 0.1 cent. As a free member I get mostly 1 cent, .5 and .1 cent clicks. You cannot look at another site while the timer is there or it pauses until your focus is back on the website. This is great for advertisers because they know their site will be viewed. This is why there are a high number of click websites.

Payout is $8 via PayPal which I find is a tad high. I've been a member of this program since August 2012 and already, without referrals, I have $2.71. When I do get a referral I will get a % of the money they get when they click a link.

There is also an active Forum to learn from and a great CLIX GRID game. Pick a square and you can win up to $5 instantly into your account. Free members get 25 chances. There are also surveys, tasks and offers for money also.

Do you want me to let you know a secret about this site? When you first visit sometimes it doesn't show any web clicks. Just do a ClixGrid and hey presto some appear. Stay logged in also and when you surf the Traffic Exchanges (TE) and you come across ClixSense you see if there are any click websites available at that time. Also, just realised today that the Clicks that flash mean they are about to expire. Do these first!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Crafts U Print

Here's an international craft site which is definitely worth a mention.

Crafts U Print

This site boasts the World's largest Greetings Cards & Craft Sheet downloads website. Over 300,000 Craft downloads. Made by some of the World's Top Designers. is a digital shopping mall for crafts that you print. It includes Card Making Downloads, Knitting & Needlework Patterns, Digital Scrapbooking, Designer Resources and Finished Handmade Greetings Cards, Craftsuprint is the leading digital hobby craft website. Browse around and you will find Craft tutorials, CUP TV videos, crafting instructions, crafty competitions, A fantastic crafters forum, Crafty Bob's Bingo, Crafty Bob's Crazy 5 minute competition and 1000's of downloadable craft projects and craft printables.
When you join their mailing list they give you 4 free downloads. 
CLICK HERE to have a look for yourself today. Remember, Christmas is fast approaching. Once you buy a download you own it and can use it for making/ selling cards anytime you want for as long as you want.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New competition

Just letting people know there is a new competition from SGIC. So if you're in Australia and want to let SGIC know your renewal month for any type of insurance here are the details:

Register to be reminded when your insurance policies are due and you'll be in the running to win three Holden cars with a year's comprehensive insurance included. Win and you pick which car you want, then decide who gets the other two. You'll also be in the draw to win a $500 cash card. There are twelve to win - one each month until 30 June 2013.

Click HERE to be taken to the competition. Good luck!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rewards Central

Ok, so here's an overview for Rewards Central

Earn points by:


You can receive survey requests through both Rewards Central and My Opinions. The points you get depends on the length. If you are screened out you usually get some entry points to the 10000 dollar draw.

Email Clicks

Rewards Central sends emails to you fairly regularly - all you have to do is click the link at the bottom for either 10 points or 2 entry points. You choose. You don't need to look at the page for any length of time or sign up for anything - just click!

Daily Click & Poll

Each day you can login to Rewards Central for a quick poll. And the web click - stay on the page for ten seconds and get points for it!

Guessing Game

Every day you can select 5 numbers (or 7 when you've enough Experience points). 
(EXP points are given for many things including logging in). Once you've earned enough EXP through the site & earn 2000 points in one year (easy), you automatically qualify for an annual present at the end of the year. Please note that your bonus may be in the form of bonus reward points, electronic vouchers, discount vouchers, or similar.


Do you enjoy shopping online? Why not get some money back from it? All you have to do is follow the affiliate link at Rewards Central then buy an item - you can put in an autoclaim to get your points. It can range from 1-10 points for every dollar spent.
The best part? They have some great affiliates - including Ebay! and Harvey Norman.

Free SMS

Many sites offer you SMS if you click or signup for other sites. Rewards Central gives you 5 SMS per day - FREE with your account. All you need to do is verify your mobile number.


Rewards Central has a 3 monthly $10,000 competition and My Opinions has a three monthly $5,000 competition. To enter all you need to do is participate in the site - you can get entries from emails, buying through affiliates, surveys and more.


Each time you refer a friend who earns 400 points - you get 200 points!


The best part? High interest rate bank accounts! You can put your rewards points back into a term deposit style bank that gives interest.which depend on the amount and time you put the points in for.

What it costs you

Nothing! Just your time. You can buy gold membership for $66 for three years - however you can use the points you earn on the site to purchase it! I'd definately rate rewards central as the best site to make money online!

OK thats about it for these programs. Any comments feel free to comment. Especially about your experiences with Rewards Central or My Opinions.

Tips for Rewards Central

Hi everyone, particularly those from Australia at this stage because I 'm still talking about Rewards Central for now. I forgot to mention yesterday that there are some ways to earn money the quickest.

Firstly, you must log in everyday and morning if possible. The websites to click on to get points must have a quota because I find there are rarely any by afternoon.

Lastly, there is a competition "Win a share of $10, 000". You get entries by shopping, reading email or surveys. However, I found out another way to earn the entries! Under the "Earn" tab then "Quick survey" you will find if there are no Quick surveys to do on the opening page then clicking this link will not get you points but entries instead. Still better than nothing.

Rewards Central is the first thing I go to on the computer in the morning.

Another thing to do is "ebank" your points if your still afar off getting your 3000 odd points. For as long as you can to get the most interest. 100 points is the minimum to bank.  If you withdraw your points early you get penalised. Try to have the points mature at roughly the same time. Points cannot be in the bank to cash out.

Overview of RewardsCentral and My Opinions

As you may guess I have a keen interest in learning how to make a few dollars on the internet. All which is free. I was burnt in the past once when I joined a free site and had a large downline and decided to use my hard earned PayPal money to upgrade. The site, even if it was around for a long time, decided to fold and no longer exist. So I am ultra wary of upgrading now. So free it is!

What I want to introduce are some excellent Australian sites. Sites I have been with for many years and which has consistantly paid without fail. Well I guess just one because I transfer points between them.

Formally known as EmailCash, Rewards Central has been paying me since 2003. It continues to pay me $30 every couple of months, into my bank account, without referrals! You earn points for various tasks which is converted to cash. Roughly 1000 points per dollar.

Earn points through:
Banking your points to earn interest.
Reading emails.
Online shopping (I don't online shop from here and still get plenty of points).
Click on websites.
Winning the guessing game.
Transferring points from its sister site MyOpinions.

MyOpinions mainly focuses on surveys. It also has an instant win game earning up to 500 points if you pick the right square, once per week. I mostly transfer the points to Rewards Central and cash out there.

Thats all for today!
Until next time


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Newbie at Blogging

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my first attempt at blogging!

If you haven't already please check out my website


Its late now..signing off.

Happy surfing!

KrisR ( freerewards4u)