Saturday, 8 December 2012



This is the other paid to click program that I belong to. Personally, I don't consider it to be as good as ClixSense only for the fact there aren't as many .5 to 1 cent listings to click on. However, there are many more .01 cent clicks to view. The one cent ads are in the "standard exposure" section.

This program is good in the sense that for every ad you click on you get a "bonus pack". This is 3 ad prizes that accumulate and you can win prizes. You have 90 minutes to click the "ad prizes" or you lose them.

Also, on offer at this website are Neopoints, NeoCoins and MiniJobs.

Neopoints can be gained by viewing videos or entering competitions, or joining websites. If you share these videos then you get NeoPoints as well. NeoCoins are gained by buying things or doings surveys etc. With Mini Jobs you earn cash by doing certain things on the internet like searches and finding information on websites.

Neobux also has a forum and chat. You can also rent referrals for a month with your earnings. Initial cashout is $2.