Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Paid to Click Sites

I'm a member of only two paid to click sites. I think maybe later if another good one comes along I might join. They have to be paying with a low payout amount. There are many non payers out there and I am very wary of many. I look at sites like etc for such information, alternatively, Google it! Please feel free to leave a comment of a good paying site for me to join in the future.


This is my favourite paid to click site at the moment.

The highest paid to click is 2 cents and lowest is 0.1 cent. As a free member I get mostly 1 cent, .5 and .1 cent clicks. You cannot look at another site while the timer is there or it pauses until your focus is back on the website. This is great for advertisers because they know their site will be viewed. This is why there are a high number of click websites.

Payout is $8 via PayPal which I find is a tad high. I've been a member of this program since August 2012 and already, without referrals, I have $2.71. When I do get a referral I will get a % of the money they get when they click a link.

There is also an active Forum to learn from and a great CLIX GRID game. Pick a square and you can win up to $5 instantly into your account. Free members get 25 chances. There are also surveys, tasks and offers for money also.

Do you want me to let you know a secret about this site? When you first visit sometimes it doesn't show any web clicks. Just do a ClixGrid and hey presto some appear. Stay logged in also and when you surf the Traffic Exchanges (TE) and you come across ClixSense you see if there are any click websites available at that time. Also, just realised today that the Clicks that flash mean they are about to expire. Do these first!

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