Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Overview of RewardsCentral and My Opinions

As you may guess I have a keen interest in learning how to make a few dollars on the internet. All which is free. I was burnt in the past once when I joined a free site and had a large downline and decided to use my hard earned PayPal money to upgrade. The site, even if it was around for a long time, decided to fold and no longer exist. So I am ultra wary of upgrading now. So free it is!

What I want to introduce are some excellent Australian sites. Sites I have been with for many years and which has consistantly paid without fail. Well I guess just one because I transfer points between them.

Formally known as EmailCash, Rewards Central has been paying me since 2003. It continues to pay me $30 every couple of months, into my bank account, without referrals! You earn points for various tasks which is converted to cash. Roughly 1000 points per dollar.

Earn points through:
Banking your points to earn interest.
Reading emails.
Online shopping (I don't online shop from here and still get plenty of points).
Click on websites.
Winning the guessing game.
Transferring points from its sister site MyOpinions.

MyOpinions mainly focuses on surveys. It also has an instant win game earning up to 500 points if you pick the right square, once per week. I mostly transfer the points to Rewards Central and cash out there.

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