Saturday, 18 January 2014

Endure till the end

"Sometimes we have to endure things we don't want to but keep in mind in the end the effort will be worth it." This was posted to my Facebook wall by myself to keep my spirits up while I'm in recovery mode. I've just had a sinus operation and I'm still in a bit of pain and have fatigue. I'm so blessed to have a caring family who can look after me. 

This post is a reminder to all of us that not everything goes as planned and things can only get better from here. We have to keep our eye on our goals and be an elite athlete in our field. Endurance means to outlast and to go on our journey whatever befall us. The end being when we reach our goals and aspirations. You can view another related blog post from Tom Wacker here.

Sometimes there are obstacles in our way and these are a part of the endurance race. These can be physical pain (where I am right now), getting frustrated at not doing the things you would like through lack of funds, no tweet replies (am I invisible), criticism, getting little recognition (I'm getting there), not many Facebook friends wishing me a swift recovery etc. These can be detrimental to my cause but I have learnt to not take things personally. These are niceties but not necessary we can still move forward.

The point I would like to touch on is criticism. Especially the constructive type. Thank you to Richard Arblaster for this topic. You can view his blog post hereSo what do these points have in common? Sometimes getting constructive criticism is a part of our race and journey towards our end goal. It can help us learn, grow and develop our skills that help us reach our goal. However, sometimes it's welcome and sometimes its not.

However, we in turn have to be able to help others and if you say something is good and it isn't not only does that say you aren't truthful but how does the other person gain anything from the experience. If you see anything wrong with what I do let me know, I want to grow and learn. I won't be offended. The problem is too many people take offence at too little. That's life these days.

My point being don't be offended people probably aren't attacking you as a person. Some examples are "put a picture up" as an avatar. Hint: Gravatar can help. Don't get on your high horse and think its a personal criticism. People are saying that for your benefit. Just go and do it. There are reasons for branding. Some really good places to start for branding yourself are Brand Me Tool and Click Track Profit. If someone puts out a poor blog post make some suggestions for a better way to construct it. Helping people is free but it rewards yourself also. Remember the connections that you make online are priceless. 

Hope to be back on my feet soon. :)

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Richard said...

Thanks for the shout out :)

Kris Rogers said...

You're very welcome Richard!

hiteshsangani said...

Nice blog Kris, I think what ever you wrote in this blog you say from your heart, One should never give up.

Kris Rogers said...

Thank you Hitesh :)

margur2000 said...

It's been almost a week since you posted this, so I hope your recovery has gone well and that you're up running around again.

I like how you took a personal experience and turned it into a life lesson that we all can learn fro.

blogneta said...

I am trying to figure out which part of your post that I like the best...simple answer all of it!
I'm sorry to hear that you are in pain and I can certainly relate to feeling invisible at times, but without that goal line and at times jumping up and down going..hey you I am will get nowhere fast.
I have no issues with people suggesting better ways of doing things, but confess it really all depends on how it is done..I guess I am human after all lol. Great to meet you and thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts!