Saturday, 1 March 2014

How much is your list worth?

Welcome to all my new subscribers. A big hello and welcome to the FreeRewards4u blog. These past few weeks I have had to work hard to get more subscribers. Well, not really! I am thrilled people have actually taken an interest in my blog. I know there was a carrot dangling in front of them but at least many know who I am now.  My list has more than doubled. I am happy with the results of the CTPis3 badge hunt. Although I didn't gain much financially out of it and I had to pay for the badge I had fun and had contact with many of you for the first time. I also messaged my CTP downline about the badge hunt and many did become active again and logged in. What a bonus! Just to get downline to come back and log in to see what the excitement is about is great to see. I also added a welcome or hello message that waited for them on their profile page. 

This blog post is also a summary of my experience with the CTP badge hunt. Here were the conditions to get my badge. View the splash page HERE! Most people took up the offer of subscribing to my blog updates. I didn't want to force people into this so I gave 3 options. I have gotten many subscribers in the hunt like I expected. I did have some upgrade options but alas no one took this.

Now for my stats!

Number of badges I found: 159

New subscribers during this time: 131
Money badges etc from CTP during this time: $4
Referrals to CTP direct: 5
                           random: 2
Subscribers to my FreeRewards4u Website: 8
Other program signups: 7
Money from other signups: $2
Credits earnt from all that surfing: too many to count!
New friends at CTP: 5-10
Twitter followers: / Facebook friends: 5-10

So how much is my list worth?
My list cost me : 12 (now 10.5) cents per subscriber

NOTE: I just won $5 from Showbiz Hits for getting their badge. So my cents per subscriber has reduced further.

Ok, so now I have subscribers what next? Retention! It is the potential of a list which makes subscribers so special. My subscribers here are just as important as any referral, or any Facebook friend/ twitter follower. Its the potential of the list that counts. They may join a program I have promoted (hint, hint, see below) here at this blog. I may get to know some more of these people as I already do. However, I want to help my subscribers where I can. I am always willing to help. 

Just a reminder: as I said in an introductory email if you look to the right under the subscribe box you have have your banner there FREE. If you join any link from this site your banner will replace the banner currently there. Your banner may be there for an hour, one month, one year who knows. Until another subscriber joins a program from my blog. I have a list at the right side column that I have mentioned in a previous blog. This includes my Newsletter at my other site FreeRewards4u.

Hope you all won some money from the badge hunt
Kris Rogers


Tom Wacker said...

Great post, Kris!

That is a really good wrap up of the badge hunt. Really good, with good results to boot.

I really like what you are doing, keep it up!

Kris Rogers said...

Thank you Tom! Appreciate your comment. I want to inspire people to be involved next time in a badge hunt. They are fun and very motivating!

Nick Grimshawe said...

Love the look of the Blog Kris. Your price per subscriber is stunning. Very well done. I'm looking forward to being on your list.