Saturday, 8 March 2014

What! You're not Advertising in PTCs?

I'm so excited! I haven't advertised at a Paid to Click for a while and LegacyClix has/had a great deal of a Fixed Ad for 3 days ($27). What a bargain! I already have 7 signups to Click Track Profit in just 24 hours. Also, I have another 7 signups from those referrals joining programs within CTP! I have nearly reached 10 thousand hits to the Fixed Ad also after 1 day. Please refer also to a previous post I have for more information on PTCs.* Its Raining Referrals* and my website *FreeRewards4u/PTC*

Come on everyone, there is no excuse,  PTC advertising does work! I mean CTP does speak for itself but it does depend on your advertised program. I usually also buy a Nerdgrid add at Nerdbux which spreads your advertising over a month at a great price of $5! I usually don't cash out at Nerdbux I spend it instead on advertising. $5 is very achievable goal to save for.

There are many great PTCs out there with various specials on at any one time. One that springs to mind is Team Bradley Bux. They seem to always have a deal on so check them out. This is not meant to be a "links only" post but I want to share my enthusiasm for PTC as an advertising medium. Please comment and share any successes you may have experienced with PTC!


Deya Hroob said...

Hello Kris,
I like to advertise on PTCs , I usually get better results than TEs.

I have already advertised my website on DrClix for 7 days as fixed ads I got 25 signs up. May be it isn't good result but it is when comparing with advertising in TEs.

Kris Rogers said...

PTCs seem to be more responsive when it comes to advertising on them. That's why they definitely have their place in the IM realm. Even though advertising on them isn't free you get great results.