Friday, 11 July 2014

Rapping it Up

Don't get put off this post by the CTP team paraphernalia. This topic is just the means to an end being a cool rap video.  I am on a team at Click Track Profit and its so fun. It's not all about the surfing but about the learning and wanting to contribute to the team and their branding. I have made a lot of cool friends here.

This blog is a journey for me and I want to document here another first for me...A rap song. It's not really what the song is about it's about the learning of how to do something.

Anyone can learn to do anything online, even rap. There are so many resources to teach how to achieve what you want. I would love to keep all this a secret but that's not what I'm all about. I really can't keep secrets well anyway.

Rapping all the way

The first step was my son. He gave me the idea. He found an app for my ipad called AutoRap by Smule. A friend recommended it to him. When I heard this app, WOW. It converts ANY words or sentence speech into rap. It comes with a free beat to begin with but you can earn plays to hear and use more beats. The free beat is somewhat familiar to the traffic exchange industry. (Shhh, Traffic Browser). So I couldn't use that one as everyone would think I was copying.

I told one of my team mates from the Strays, about the app and Wendy Chen recommended Windows Live Movie maker. It is very easy to use. This is my first attempt at video editing properly. Here are some "raps" that I experimented with HERE and HERE!

I then decided on the simple task of using the team splash and various blog post pictures to be the video. I decided on a rap beat and made simple lyrics. I just put the pictures in order and made sure it coincided with the length of the audio track. Voila, magic.

This converted to a file that I then uploaded to YouTube. After adding credits at the end I was finished and it's 2:30 in the morning. Worth it!

Adkreator is great for embedding Youtube clips so I made a splash to advertise CTP and the Strays. HERE is the splash I made.

My next project will be a rap video for promoting FreeRewards4u. 

Until next time

Kris Rogers

P.S. If you are interested in joining the Strays please send a private message to Virginia HERE as we are currently looking for new members.


Nick Grimshawe said...

Awesome post. I love the "you can learn to do anything now"... and then your proof. Okay I'll be rapping in my sleep tonight...and that dance...that too, you know the one you see all the performers do it.

Any way Kris...great stuff.

Deya Hroob said...

Good work, keep it going.

Keith said...

Brilliant Kris!

Got me thinking now!

Drew Narehood said...

a rapper with an accent. love it Kris. Thanks for sharing what u r learning

Kris Rogers said...

Thanking you for all the feedback and your comments. Sometimes things look hard to do but when you break it down into tiny steps its not all that bad and I enjoy experimenting with my creative side.

Warren said...

I'm not much into rap, but the gangman one was pretty good.