Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Is Upgrading Worth it?

If it a business treat it like one. If you have your own business then you should have your own website/blog/affiliate site you want to promote. If you have your own website then you want it to be seen and "out there" more than other brands? If you treat it like any offline business and you generally have to pay for advertising. Luckily for you traffic exchanges are a free to use but it's your time that suffers if you stay free.

Free members of a traffic exchanges rarely have a 1:1 surfing ratio and if it is then the timer is longer. EasyHits4u is like this. Upgrading gives you credits per month to promote your site without having to surf the traffic exchange at all.

Upgrading gives you a shorter timer, sometimes no timer at all like Clicking Success. It is quicker to surf and get credits at a 1:1 ratio. Sometimes Clicking Success has bonus days and you get 2 credits per click with no timer! 1:1 means that for every site I view I get 1 person viewing my site in return. 

Upgrading sometimes give you random referrals for just being upgraded and you don't have to promote the site yourself. When you upgrade you can add more sites to rotate and get more bonuses the TE wishes to give you.

You trust the site if you buy an upgrade, especially if you buy a lifetime upgrade. I once didn't do my due diligence and bought a LT at a TE that ceased to exist within months. Lesson learnt but I got some money back from Paypal because I didn't get what I paid for lol. Or when owners sell a site and the new owners totally change the site for the worse or scrub the database, along with you in it. Trust is a must when I buy lifetime upgrades.

There usually are levels of upgrades. Daily, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually and lifetime (LT). Not at TEs offer LT and watch out for OTO (one-time offers) and specials at log in. These are usually cheaper than after you are in the members area. After a while you will pay off your LT and then all money you earned after this is profit but you are still getting the benefits and not paying out monthly. It sometimes takes spending money to make money with better commission rates (some up to 50% or more) when your referrals join under you and spend money at the site. You also earn more credits when your referrals surf.

My favorite upgraded sites are CTP Kore 4 because the bonuses you get far outweigh the monthly cost. It is a bundle of TE upgrades at one low cost per month. Another favorite of mine is Traffic Swirl where I paid for the LT upgrade and got paid commissions that paid for this cost within 10 months.

I hate having to spend money online. And free is still fine. But if you have goals to earn "X amount per week" then the free option may just take you that bit longer. Anyway who can afford to upgrade at the hundreds of traffic exchanges out there anyway. Choose wisely. Good luck.

Until next time,
Kris Rogers

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