Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Teams be in it to win it

Teams are individuals joining together towards a common goal. Many traffic exchanges have team surfing. The common goal is to surf as an individual but also towards winning for your team. Collectively the individuals surfing scores make up the team score.

Currently, I am a member of a team at StartXchange (Old Skoolers ), LegacyTeamCoop (SweetAsSugar), Traffic Swirl (United Surfers), and now Click Track Profit (CrazyCatPeople). I dedicate most of my time to these programs anyway so joining a team is my way of saying "I am committed to this site". There is no point joining a team to not "be in it" and try your best. 

Why do you join a team? Do you trust members of that team? Do you know people in that team? What will you bring to the table? How much time do you have dedicated to the site and for your cause? Teams require commitment, enthusiasm (perhaps shown by the leader) and loyalty unless you are poached (bribed) to join another team. Teamwork builds trust. Trust builds friendship.

The newest team that I belong to is the "Crazy Cats People!" I do love cats after all....And I had a crazy cat once...I was asked to join another team but I was too late to join because that team was full (in fact I was asleep) because the CTP launch of teams occurred during the wee hours of the morning here in Australia. If I was quick enough I would have joined that other team because their leader is a person I think highly of in this industry and I know he will be a great team leader (Tom Wacker :) I do not know many of the people in my team but I have been accepted in the Crazy Cats and been in contact with the leader a few times. I love the aspect of the team chat also so this helps me get to know my teammates a bit better! At least I have more people who I can share my badges with now. I'm not sure what the prizes will be in this competition but there is a blog dedicated to the teams HERE. I know I currently get 10% more credits when Nerd Surfing because I am in a top 10 team.

T*E*A*M = Together Everyone Achieves More!

Until next time
Kris Rogers
P.S. I am dedicating this blog post to my new team. May we always do our best....


Deya Hroob said...

Hello Kris,
I'm in Empower World Team, We are ranked 5 . Like you I don't know all of my team but may be it's one of the benefits of joining a team, getting know new people.

If you create a team in future please let me know I will be happy to join under you :)

Paul Germana said...

I don't see surf-savant kris :)

Kris Rogers said...

No Paul I don't think Surf Savant has teams lol. That would be under my future blog post called "Unique TE's" ;)
Thank you for reading my blog :)