Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Making connections

Connections are made from making an acquaintance online. After a chat over something in common this may turn into a connection and then online friendship. As a matter of fact, I have made an offline friend from an online connection also and we have the occasional catch up offline. I don't find too many online people from Adelaide, Australia.

Online connections can be made in many ways. Some include Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other social media sites. Recently I found a great social network site called IBOtoolbox and have had many connections there which later became Skype connections to talk, share and refer. Sharing screens on Skype for helping each other is such a great idea! However, today while doing some research on this topic I came across this YouTube video about StumbleUpon which I know nothing about and I'm going to see if it rings true. So please share this site on StumbleUpon over on the Social Media sites in the right hand column and it would greatly be appreciated.  This is the icon. Please comment if you know more about StumbleUpon than I do!

Some other ways to interact with people are through the traffic exchange chats also. Click Track Profit however is the only Traffic Exchange with a Team Chat! Refer to my last blog post HERE about the new team surfing at Click Track Profit. I have gotten to know my Team Leader from the Crazy Cats People. There you go! Another connection. In fact I have more CTP friends now from my fellow team mates. 

So as a good team member that I am, I'm letting you know that Nathan LaPlante, my brave and mighty leader, has just opened a new Traffic Exchange called Surfing Cats. Surfing Cats currently has a new member bonus of when you surf 50 you automatically get 500/500/500. So if you want your website seen 500 times for little effort this is a great place to advertise. Plus if you join by clicking the banner below Nathan will ADD ANOTHER 100/100/100 for you! Thats 600/600/600! But only through this link. Just for being a cool surfing cat! As most traffic exchanges are free this one is free also to join.

Until next time
Happy surfing
Kris Rogers

PS. By joining Surfing Cats or any other program from the links on this blog and also subscribing to the FreeRewards4uBlog Updates you will be eligible to put your banner on my site over on the right where indicated. Details will be emailed to you when you subscribe.


Deya Hroob said...

Hello Kris,
StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site. It can be helpful for getting traffic to your own links. It allows members to add links to sites they like, and then
other users can add them to their own lists, making your links go, it's better to add links that are newsworthy because it will always listed in a front-page which means thousands of visitors to your sites.

Have a nice day,
Deya Hroob

Nick Grimshawe said...

Great post Kris, I use StumbleUpon as a resource especially for things to post to my FB page but it is also a good promotion tool which I haven't used as much recently.