Saturday, 5 December 2015

Welcome to your new home CTP badge!

Once upon a time there was a shy lady who didn't want to show her real picture. However, she was using a really cute picture she made for MSN messenger, remember that?

Not knowing any better she continued to use this avatar online for about a year and then found a professional picture of herself to use instead. Having a real picture of herself is the best thing that she could have done for her branding. Someone hiding behind a cartoon will not be as trusted as someone with a real picture. Even worse, is not having a picture at all!

However, for nostalgia sake and the cuteness factor, and this lady absolutely loves cats, she decided to keep this picture cartoon alive and immortalized in a Click Track Profit badge. 

How do you claim this badge? 

2) Subscribe to this blog (FreeRewards4u blog)
3) Expect the badge on the 3rd day
4) Claim the FR4U badge
5) Enjoy your badge!

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