Thursday, 24 December 2015

Changing the Rules

Who has been in this situation? Everything is running smoothly then.......the rug comes out from under you. What happened? Why wasn't I informed? No one told me??? Something changes and you weren't told before hand!

Ever been to work to find out that there will be a new boss? An unexpected meeting that took up more time than you would have liked and now you have to do overtime to catch up? Perhaps you go to log in to your favorite website and find it is offline? Perhaps you expected to be paid from your employer only to find there will a delay in payments? Maybe you find out that you will not be paid at all......

Life will do this to you. Should you let it go? Should you speak up and complain? Surely someone will listen! What happens when you bring the issue up and it is ignored or dismissed? Maybe we all want to hiss like the cat in the above picture, to the unexpected, and to companies that we think do us wrong.

The point to this being how many complaints does a company need to get a hint that the direction they are heading isn't working. Why should we "Let It Go?" There are more of us than them. It may also be called Unionism. When should companies that think they are so big think they can change the rules without being accountable to those changes? Has anyone heard of disclaimers? Shouldn't users of products be told first before a change happens? It's called emails, bulletins, personal messaging, skyping etc.

If you sell a product as an affiliate, you expect to get paid its as simple as that! For EVERY product. Who would have thought that a company can turn around and say, "it was a sale and we don't pay commissions on sales." No mention of that to the person who bought or sold. A closed board room does not count. It needs to be publicly known. You cannot change the rules to suit your needs at the time. My business is bringing in referrals, my referral pays for a service/ upgrade I get paid.

If the role were reversed and myself, as a traffic exchange owner, does not try to pay an affiliate then, wow, the backlash would be horrific. I pay on ALL my "sales", even the ones on SALE, plus some are heavily discounted and are called one time offers OTOs.

Final thoughts: If everyone morally DID THE RIGHT THING all our community in the traffic exchange and advertising/affiliate business would be booming. There are only a few in this community that make me want to hiss!

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