Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My Journey towards a Merry Christmas

To all my subscribers......and potential subscribers.....

As some of you know I have put forward an application for the #TimTechCeo competition. Anyone has the opportunity to be CEO at TimTech (CTP, Nerdbux etc) for 3 days. Also, as I believe, it is a paid position. 

Below is my YouTube Video:

Please visit Twitter and vote for me by retweeting and adding it as a favorite :) Search for #TimTechCeo and you will see all the entries. You may even want to apply yourself?

I have been around online for just under a year and a half. I am a relatively quiet person who doesn't like to stand out in a crowd. I began with a cartoon picture of myself because I was too shy to put up a real picture. However, with getting to know quite a few of you now and with your encouragement and support I finally put up a real picture. That was a big deal to me, both elements. I am so thrilled to be a part of a great community of like minded people. Step by step I felt a bit more comfortable, even making a few comments on the Spreecasts. I now regularly comment on blogs and in forums. All of this has helped my confidence. For those in my situation it is ok to go slowly, but go forward, observe. We aren't that scary. Comment on  profiles, friend people you have never met, email your downline, say hello in chat! I was very hesitant at first to do these things. Now I have a recorded step is a live one on Spreecast I know :)

When I first heard about the competition I dismissed it. Who would want me as CEO? I have hardly any experience offline or online. I don't own a traffic exchange or paid to click program. Just this blog and my website called FreeRewards4u. I don't know much HTML or BBcode.  I am a qualified Librarian and have done a university degree in Library and Information Management. Therefore, I know how to ask Google for the information I need. I know how to learn.

THE BORING DETAILS: All I kept hearing was "get out of your comfort zone" and "be seen" and "be creative." For some reason Christmas songs were everywhere. Then I made up my own lyrics to a well known one. The lyrics sat there for a while. I still wasn't going to do anything even at this stage. There is always a "what if" thought that pops up. What if they don't like me? What if I'm being too silly? My biggest fear perhaps is "What if I win?" Logistics? Timezone differences? Lack of sleep? I told my husband about the competition and he loved the part where I said I would get paid. I showed him the lyrics and he made a good point....I had invested all this time to do the lyrics it would be a waste to do nothing. He even found me the instrumental music and somehow I put it all together. At least now I'll be known as "memorable" and people know what I look like. I am not just a picture. It may be a bit overkill for my debut video, the singing and all...Lastly, I did this for fun. I did this for me. I proved to myself I can "get out of my comfort zone," and live, perhaps with some anxiety :) 

So this is my journey thus far. This blog post seems like a diary but I hope you got to know me a little better. Enjoy my video and Merry Christmas!

Kris Rogers

Guess whos turned one?


Tom Wacker said...

Great post, Kris!!

It has been a great pleasure to watch your journey thus far, and I really look forward to your next steps! You are making huge strides!

Keith Butterworth said...

Absolutely brilliant! Love it Kris! I'm voting for ya!

Have a great Christmas - though I guess the day is now over where you are!

Richard said...

Great post :)