Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Living with Aspergers

According to Wikipedia :
Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger disorder (AD) or simply Asperger's, is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

How does this relate to me? My eldest son Mitchell who is just about to turn 15 has this. It seems like our house revolves around his moods sometimes. If he's happy he lets the whole world know by being silly. If he's bored there's trouble. He doesn't cope with being bored that well. Just as well he has a laptop and a table tennis table (his focus). Generally, whatever he thinks comes out the mouth.  His poor younger brother usually gets the brunt of this. At school Mitch's an angel and the teachers love him. He doesn't like to get into trouble there. His friends and teachers know he has Asperger's. He knows who else has it. It's not a secret. It is something that is a part of him.

How does this relate to net marketing? Sometimes we all have a bit of Asperger's in us. Let me explain some traits.

Trait 1: I don't care what anyone thinks of me. I could go outside in my pyjamas and not care. As long as I'm comfortable. We love to work at home. Why? Partly because we are creatures of comfort. We can be ourselves at home. We want to stand out, well our advertising anyway. However, we should care a little what people think of us. This is because we are trying to be social net marketers. If people get to know and trust us they are more likely to "buy" or "join" your program. 

Trait 2: Passionate about their obsession. Can you really not let the world know something your excited in? Our "business" should be our obsession. We should be passionate about it. Tell everyone! These days there are many advertising platforms that are free. These include Facebook, Twitter, traffic exchanges, paid to clicks, safelists, forums etc. It's like smiling over the phone. People pick up your happy "voice" even when they can't hear it.

Trait 3: Perfectionism.  Everyday practise, practise, practise. No matter how frustrating it is to practise. This can be in the way of making splash pages etc, an example, perhaps is making them with Adkreator. Test them in a program like Sweeva where surfers can interact and give their feedback of your site. You can also track the results of your pages from a site like Trck.me. Over time you should a feel with what works and what doesn't.

Trait 4: Impatience. Lacking the understanding that to be perfect takes time and effort. Slapping together a splash page takes some effort. Stop the sloppy spelling / grammar mistakes. Can we read the words with THAT background?

Trait 5: Not so social. Lacking empathy? Do you play well with others? The last thing we want is people just in it for themselves and not helping others. Put yourselves in a new referrals shoes. One example is Click Track Profit or SFI. Initially some sites are a bit overwhelming and some guidance is required. When I first joined CTP I didn't even feel comfortable messaging my upline/ sponsor for advice. They probably thought my question was stupid anyway. Make friends and share badges on CTP! Therefore, help early, and engage your referrals early. Just a hello for a start is also an ice breaker.

Trait 6: Telling it like it is. I don't notice the stares. If people ask for an opinion about a splash page or program please tell the truth. Or provide advice for improvement. For a program I don't want to hear "oh, yes I made such and such per week" when in fact you didn't. 

Trait 7: Sensory. Distractions. Can you "feel" it? Do you want a video or background music with that splash page to get attention? However, if they don't have catchy music they can get distracting and annoying.

Trait 8: Early coordination issues. One step at a time to develop this. Log in to your main programs everyday. Attend Spreecasts. Learn. Grow. Did you know there are recordings of all of them? Subscribe at http://www.trafficexchangelive.com/. Or view the calendar of other TE related events HERE! Find your peers. Develop that list. Start that blog. Say hello to people in chat. Go through the Click Track Profit Training.

Trait 9: Routine. What time is it? Try to follow a routine. I have a list of sites to go to through on Google Calendar. It includes my essential surfing including my traffic exchange and Paid to Click sites. If I have referrals at these PTC sites I don't want to miss out on the commission. Once in a routine you may be able to find ways to quicken your surfing to explore other options like commenting on blogs :) or in a forum. Traffic Browser can help out with the traffic exchanges.

In conclusion, we all have Aspergers to a degree. Some more than others. It can be a good thing! Its a worry though because I heard Aspergers is hereditary!
What would the world be like without people with Aspergers?

Please feel free to leave a comment or add to this discussion.
Kris Rogers

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Tom Wacker said...

Hey, Kris!! What a great post!

I love this "Not less than, different than" It's great to relate, and you have taken it both ways today. Just great!

Richard said...

Great Post Kris :)

margur2000 said...

Very interesting Kim.
I think a similar comparison could be made between Attention Deficit Disorder and business.

No one is perfect and yet those very imperfections give us insight into our interactions with each other.

Troy Cornejo said...

Our youngest has autism, we have had a wild ride but now at 14 he is on the mild to moderate spectrum coming all the way from only having 3 words while in pre-school and still in a diaper in kindergarten.

I know all too well the obsession thing lol, once he gets obsessed with something its is a one track mind lol.

Man I could make a huge post on this but I will just say great post and keep up the great work online and more importantly offline :)