Monday, 4 April 2016

Easter Egg Hunt results

For some Team Phoenix news I have stepped down from leadership role. Being a leader is not a time consuming role but a role model role. I felt that my enthusiasm wasn't as great about the CTP teams and I cannot keep up with qualifying when needed as I have a really busy offline life currently and other online projects being worked on. Being owner/admin of 2 sites is also time consuming and thats my online priority.

Now for the followup to the ClickTrackProfit Easter Egg BadgeHunt.

This time I had to do things a little different. I bought less badges, again only 2 and really concentrated my time on them. Alas, I had to think outside the box a bit as one of the weekends I would be taking my son interstate to table tennis tournaments so I needed the badges to be given somewhat automatically.

Luckily, I knew this is advance and bought only 2 badges. Ok, what did people have to do to receive their badgehunt badges?

For my personal badge I concentrated on this blog. All new subscribers got the link on day 2 or 3. If they were already subscribed they could either join under a program as my referral from a set list or send me CTP tokens. All results are for during the dates of the BadgeHunt. Results are below:

New subscribers: 24 (im a little disappointed with that result)
Referrals to programs: 6 PLUS $10 in upgrades
Tokens: 160 plus

For people that like to monetize that: It cost me $25 for a badge.
At CTP every 50 tokens costs $20 to buy. Tokens: $60  worth

I have made a profit "in theory" without taking into consideration the subscribers and referrals.($70)

The other badge are for my 2 Traffic exchanges I co-own. For both badges people had the option to purchase for the badge for each TE.
Come and find Easter Egg number 133 there are 2 ways to get this EGG.
Chance 1) Surf the Mix It Up promo Mon-Fri (14th-18th March) OR the Mon-Fri (21st-25th March) and the link will UNLOCK at R4S as long as you have the same email address at both sites.
Details of MIU: 
We are calling it the Mix It Up Rewards contest.
It runs weekdays to Friday. (Mon-Fri)
Surf 1000 over the week...
can be in one day or smaller amounts over the each site to be in the draw for:
2x .50 cents
.20 cents
5000 zubees (zubee username required in profile)
50000XP (ctp username required in profile)
500 credits
1000 banners
1000 texts
1000 square banners
Thats 10 winners total. All prizes sent via MoneyMakersXchange
A new Top surfer leaderboard has been set up to keep track of your surfs at each site!
Chance 2) Simply buy something at R4S (link will unlock) or MMX and the code will be sent manually to you via CTP. Please ensure you have your CTP username in MMX.

New members : 56
Sales: Over $40.
For Rewards4Surfing this is the 3nd time it has been involved in a badgehunt.
New members: 57
Sales: Over $300 (an increase on last time)

Also, I can't believe I didn't made it into the Top 75 to win $5 cash  but I have 114 points for my team season to use! 114 badges I personally collected. Out of a possible 160. I would love to see what the cutoff of the Top 75 actually was as no leader-board was provided!

In conclusion, I acknowledge the limitations of this hunt. Less new members, less subscribers. Maybe due to the fact that most CTP members are already members/subscribers? However, another successful ClickTrackProfit badgehunt which will help any program owner with their promotions, affiliate or a blogger like myself. A highly recommended promotion tool!


Deya Hroob said...

I think the way CTP rewards members is the main reason for this dropping results. I can't spend lots of efforts and money just to earn $5. They should've made it like this First place $50, second $25 and so on, so members have a real incentive to work for.

For me I bought a badge last hunt and my results wasn't as strong as I expected.

Have a great day,

Kris Rogers said...

I agree somewhat. I loved it when CTP gave out random 50 cent money badges for finding the badges. I got a lot of people wanting to find those badges then. Giving out XP isnt an incentive for me to find badges.

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