Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Blogs on Video

Do you want to convert your blog post or e-book to video? Or any text you like? Well now you can! This is a little discovery that I made to help your marketing and advertising. 

Best of all there is a FREE TRIAL! Convert all sorts of written URL, webpages and online text to spoken video format. You don't even need a camera to use this. 

It can instantly share to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

And just for reading this blog you can get yourself 50% off an upgrade. Of course you get this FREE to try! If you do upgrade here is a 50% off coupon for you: AVR2-FREEREWARDS4U

Below is my last blog post converted to video:
Here is the link to join Article Video Robot http://articlevideorobot.com/hop/freerewards4u

I hope you enjoyed my last blog as video.

Again, take the free trial to play with and have some fun!

Kris Rogers

1 comment:

Warren Contreras said...

I have to admit that is a huge jump from the early days of computerized speech, but sorry no cigar yet.